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International Sister Relationship  

Hainan has established sister or twin relationships with 32 provinces and cities worldwide. At the provincial level these are: Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, the State of Hawaii in the USA, Jeju Province in South Korea, the Crimea Republic in the Ukraine, Cebu Province in the Philippines, Arad County in Romania, Salzburg State in Austria, Prince Edward Island Province in Canada, South Sinai Province in Egypt, Oulu Province in Finland, the Balearic Region and the Canary Islands Autonomous Region in Spain, the Southern Province in Sri Lanka, Phuket Province in Thailand, East New Britain Province in... [Detail]

Information on the Sister States & Provinces of Hainan Province  
Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Quintana Roo, Mexico
Canary Autonomous Region, Spain
Baleares Autonomous Region, Spain
Phuket Province, Thailand
The Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine
The 19 Sister States & Provinces of Hainan Province
  Sister State Country Date of signing Sisterhood Relationship
1 Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Japan Sept. 29, 1990
2 Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, the Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea Oct. 6, 1995
3 Hawaii State, the United States The United States of America June 30, 1992
4 The Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine Ukraine April 15, 1996
5 Cebu Province, the Philippines The Republic of the Philippines June 9, 1996
6 Arad County, Romania Romania Sept. 27, 2000
7 Salzburg State, Austria The Republic of Austria Oct. 24, 2000
8 Prince Edward Island, Canada Canada June 20, 2001
9 South Sinai Province, Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt Aug. 3, 2002
10 Oulu Province, Finland The Republic of Finland Dec. 11, 2002
11 Baleares Autonomous Region, Spain The Kingdom of Spain July 29, 2004
12 Phuket Province, Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand Sept. 25, 2005
13 Southern Province, Sri Lanka The Kingdom of Thailand Sept. 25, 2005
14 Canary Autonomous Region, Spain The Kingdom of Spain Nov. 11, 2005
15 Lubuskie Province, Poland The Republic of Poland Feb. 24, 2006
16 East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea The Independent State of Papua New Guinea Sept. 28, 2006
17 Kampong Cham, Cambodia The Kingdom of Cambodia Mar. 27, 2007
18 Quang Ninh, Vietnam The Socialist Republic of Vietnam April 19, 2007
19 Quintana Roo, Mexico The United Mexican States Sept. 30,2008
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