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Hainan--Speech by the Governor

Hainan Province is the only tropical island in China and the country's largest Special Economic Zone . Since the foundation of the Special Economic Zone in 1988, Hainan Province has achieved significant economic and social developments under the wise leadership of the Party Central Committee and through the joint efforts of the 8,760,000 people here in Hainan, which has enabled the province to step into a new phase of enhanced scientific development.

The construction of Hainan International Tourism Island involves strategic positioning and the ardent expectations of the Central Government with regard to Hainan Province, which will definitely bring unprecedented opportunities to this tropical island. Currently Hainan is making every effort to scientifically develop a holiday paradise for the world's tourists and a happy home for the local people by changing the development mode to capitalize on the rising prominence of "green" sustainable development as the main focus and a major element in the construction of the International Tourism Destination..

Hainan Province is an island-based economic entity and the largest Special Economic Zone in China; therefore it is the lifeline and historic responsibility of Hainan Province to open to the world. We will offer first-rate service for various investments and create a top-ranking environment with more widely open attitudes and reforms.

The year 2012 is the "Year of the Construction Project" for Hainan Province; therefore we sincerely invite friends from all over the world to beautiful Hainan for investigation, investment, to enjoy holidays and to share the unique natural scenery and partake in the huge business opportunities together.

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