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Official activities  
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Guarantee Power, Water, Gas & Market Supply, Communication and Traffic, and R...
Assess Risk, Implement Responsibility System and Repair Promptly.---said by L...
Put Life Safety of People in the First Place
Unite Together to Prevent Sarik
A Mobilization& Deployment Video Conference to Prevent Typhoon Sarika is Held
Luo Boming concludes his visit to Canada and the US
Double Building: Haikou’s Valuable Treasure for Long-Term Development---from...
Hun Sen Meets Luo Baoming Luo Baoming Conveys Greetings of President Xi Jinpi...
Truly Improve Leadership and Jointly Promote Development of Hainan.----- By L...
Luo Baoming Emphasizes on Gathering New Development Power in Hainan Speed.
First-Rate Supporting Facilities and Service Assurance for Boao Forum For Asi...
Luo Baoming Meets with Pastika
Luo Baoming and Liu Cigui Meet with Li Ruogu
Luo Baoming and Jiang Dingzhi Meet with Distinguished Guests Attending Intern...
Luo Baoming and Jiang Dingzhi Meet with Guests from Canada
Luo Baoming Meets with Ahearn
Chen Zhirong Meets with Governor of Grande Comore in Union of Comoros
Zhang Guohai Returns from Visiting to Mexico, Peru and Brazil
Li Guoliang Meets With Guests from Vietnam
Li Xiuling Meeting with U.S. Guests
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