Five years on, share your CIIE stories with us

Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Over the past five years the China International Import Expo (CIIE) has gone from strength to strength, breaking new ground on every year it has been held. The CIIE has made landmark achievements in international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchange and open cooperation.

Now, we sincerely invite you to share with us your CIIE stories! Tell us about some of the unique experiences you’ve had at the CIIE over the past years, from meeting new clients and partners, to opening up new markets and networking opportunities. No matter who you are, be you exhibitor or buyer, or volunteer, you are welcome to tell your stories of the CIIE.

Solicitation objective: To tell the stories of those who have been involved in previous CIIEs

Collection method:

You can submit written stories, story outlines, graphics or video materials online demonstrating your personal feelings or those of your team in relation to the CIIE.

If the materials you provide are used by us, we may contact you for an interview.

Languages for solicitation: Chinese, English and French

Email for submission:

For written stories, please send to

For video materials, please send to

Solicitation time:

For written stories, from now to Sept 30, 2022

For video materials, from now to Nov 30, 2022

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