In the first four months of this year, the import and export of goods in our province exceeded 76 billion yuan

Source:Hainan Daily

One million golden pomfret fry are loaded on a fishing row in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, preparing to sail overseas.

The goods in and out of Hainan are busy "crossing the sea", and the good trend of import and export of goods in our province continues.

Statistics released by Haikou Customs on May 10 show that in the first four months of this year, the import and export of goods in Hainan reached 76.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.4 percent (same below). Among them, the export was 23.27 billion yuan, up by 53.3%. Imports reached 53.28 billion yuan, up 18.7 percent. In April, the import and export of goods trade in Hainan reached 18.81 billion yuan, up by 14.1%. Of this total, the export was 5.34 billion yuan, up 7.5%. Imports reached 13.47 billion yuan, up 16.9%.

In the first four months of this year, 14 cities and counties in the province maintained import and export growth. Danzhou (including Yangpu), Haikou and Sanya were the top three, with imports and exports of 34.09 billion yuan, 25.89 billion yuan and 10.67 billion yuan, up 24.2%, 35.9% and 11.9%, respectively.

Hainan island duty-free "heat is not reduced", for our province's foreign trade import inject vitality. "Duty-free shops have seen a surge in shoppers." Ye Rong, sales director of the cdf Sanya International Duty Free City, said that in order to ensure a good shopping experience for customers, they recently increased the stock of popular duty-free goods in advance.

Data can directly reflect the outlying islands duty-free "hot" : in the first four months of this year, the import and export of general trade 44.36 billion yuan, up 60.1%, accounting for 57.9%. Imports and exports through bonded logistics totaled 16.63 billion yuan, up 3 percent, accounting for 21.7 percent. Duty-free imports reached 9.38 billion yuan, up 7.4%, accounting for 12.2% of the total.

In addition, in the first April of this year, the import and export of Hainan's goods trade also showed the following characteristics: the EU, ASEAN and Australia were the top three trading partners. Private enterprises continue to be the largest foreign trade entity. Consumer goods are the first category of imported goods in Hainan. Mechanical and electrical products and oil products are the main export products. (Hainan Daily reporter Zhou Xiaomeng, correspondent Zhan Chen)

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