The first Hong Kong-registered oil tanker to be transferred to Yangpu Port of China

Source:Hainan Daily

On May 13, Hainan Daily reporter learned from Hainan Cosco Marine Energy Transportation Co., LTD., the company's large oil tanker "Lianyanghu" successfully completed the maritime registration, on May 11 officially naturalized in the "China Yangpu Port". This is the first Hong Kong-registered tanker to be transferred to Yangpu Port of China since the release of the General Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. So far, the number of international ships registered in Yangpu Port of China has reached 37, with a total deadweight ton of more than 5.11 million tons.

"Lianyanghu" is the first ship of Hainan Cosco Marine Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. to enjoy the "zero tariff" policy of Hainan Free Trade Port. It is also the largest tonnage and the highest value among the "zero tariff" import ships of Hainan Free Trade Port at present, with a tax exemption of about RMB 60 million.

As a wide-body, shallow draft and energy-saving LR1 tanker, "Lianyang Lake" is about 220 meters in length, 36 meters in width and 20 meters in depth. It has a deadweight of 72,000 tons, an unlimited navigation area and a endurance of more than 18,000 nautical miles. The vessel, which was delivered in July 2018 and registered as Hong Kong, is mainly engaged in the transportation of refined oil products in the international market.

According to reports, after the ship Lianyanghu was naturalized in Yangpu Port of China, it continued to engage in the transportation of refined oil products for foreign trade, operating in the east of Suez Canal, and shipping routes mainly from the Middle East to the Far East, from the Far East to Singapore, and from the Far East to Australia. At present, Hainan Cosco Shipping Energy and Transportation Co., Ltd. owns and controls a shipping capacity of more than 10 million deadweight tons, and its oil transportation capacity ranks among the top 10 in the world. Among them, 22 international ships with a total deadweight ton of 4.41 million were registered at the Yangpu Port of China. There are 2 domestic and foreign trade transport ships registered at Yangpo Port with a total deadweight of 170,000 tons.

With the continuous release of the dividend of Hainan free trade Port policy, such as "Yangpu Port of China" registered ship port, export tax rebate for domestically built and engaged in international transport ships, and "zero tariff" for transport vehicles and yachts, more and more shipping enterprises have entered Hainan. Up to now, a total of 40 shipping vessels of Yangpu have enjoyed import preferential treatment under the "zero tariff" policy, with a total value of over 3.9 billion yuan, which has saved more than 23% of the cost of ship purchase for the enterprise, thus attracting a number of Chinese-funded non-five-star flag ships to return. (Hainan Daily reporter Lin Shuxi)

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