According to the results of the seventh national census in 2020, the total population of 19 cities and counties in the province is 10081232. Compared with the 8,671,485 population in the sixth national census in 2010, the population of the province increased by 1409747, an increase of 16.26%, with an average growth rate of 1.52%. Among the population of the whole province, the population living in cities and towns is 6075981, accounting for 60.27%; The population living in rural areas is 4005251, accounting for 39.73%.


  The Han, Li, Miao, and Hui nationalities in Hainan Province have lived here for generations. The rest of the ethnic groups moved here after the liberation, including cadres, workers and immigrants, who were scattered throughout the province. The Li nationality people are the earliest residents on Hainan Island. Most of the Li, Miao, and Hui who have lived here for generations live in the central and southern counties of Qiongzhong, Baoting, Baisha, Lingshui, Changjiang, Sanya and Wuzhishan. Han people mainly gather in the northeast, north and coastal areas. According to the results of the seventh national census in 2020, among the province’s population, the Han population is 8,498,241, accounting for 84.30%; the ethnic minority population is 15,82991, accounting for 15.70%.

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