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Hainan Province reduced 50% of the "six taxes and two fees"
Agreement Signed Between Hainan and TASS News Agency
The 15 measures of the 5 categories of the National Medical Insurance Bureau support the reform and development of Hainan's medical insurance industry.
Ambassador of Spain to China: Hainan is a natural place for free trade zone
Governor Shen meets with U.S.guests
Month-long Hainan tourism carnival opens to tourists
Hainan to strengthen cooperation with Belt and Road countries
Many cities and counties in our province have taken measures to speed up the renovation of rural dilapidated houses
The single-day turnover of Hainan Love Poverty Alleviation Network broke through “two one million”.
The 7th Provincial Party Committee visited the reorganization and supervision and coordination meeting in Haikou.
China's Nansha Island Reef Weather Observatory was officially opened.
Hainan International Tourism Island Shopping Festival closed. The sales of participating businesses exceeded 4 billion yuan.
Our province has introduced measures for the rehabilitation of disabled children.
The Party Group of the China Meteorological Administration issued an implementation opinion to promote Hainan's comprehensive deepening of meteorological reform and opening up.
Our province has introduced a three-year implementation plan for transportation and poverty alleviation.
The 2018 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road kicked off on Tuesday in Boao Town in south China's Hainan Province
The State Council approved the establishment of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and issued the "China (Hainan) Free Trade Pilot Zone Master Plan".
The first international joint research center in our province was established.
Hainan Province announced the application conditions and standards for the introduction of subsidies for the purchase of talents.
The 2018 “Belt and Road” media cooperation forum will be held in Joan from October 29th to 30th.
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