Sanpai village in Changjiang a picturesque 'Li Culture Museum'

Stories of the Li ethnic group are painted on walls of Sanpai village in Changjiang Li autonomous county in Hainan. [Photo/]

A wall painting shows the local Li people harvesting tropical fruit. [Photo/]

A wall painting depicts the daily life of the Li. [Photo/]

Sanpai village in Changjiang Li autonomous county boasts not only beautiful natural scenery, but also rich cultural elements of the Li ethnic group found on local houses.

As a popular tourist destination, Sanpai village strives to upgrade its major roads, landscape, and its homes by integrating wall arts that pay tribute to the local natural environment, cultural environment, and stories of the Li ethnic group, creating a mobile "Li Culture Museum."

Visitors wandering through the houses in the village will be able to see vivid depictions of the Li people making pottery, creating brocades, and pounding rice in the wall art.

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