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Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park
At this tropical rainforest park you can cross the romantic Rainbow Bridge and have your ears tugged by local minority girls,fly over the forest on the thrilling zip line,hike up waterfalls,and camp in tents in the rainforest 。
Movie Town
Located just next door to Mission Hills,Movie Town's streets are laid out like old time movie sets. With the streets of Chongqing and era-architecture as the backdrop. It houses 91 buildings emphasizing the different architectural styles which prevailed during the Republican Era,producing a rich visual effect 。 Visitors can dress up in period costumes and have professional photos taken against the historically accurate backdrop of the various streets 。 Location:Movie Town,Mission Hills
Bo'ao Water City
Located on the shores of the South China sea in Bo'ao,Water City hot springs put out 7800 tons of 69-72°C water daily,rich in many beneficial minerals. This is Hainan’s saltiest hot spring water,and it is transported over 12 km. Location:#1 Jinhai'an Ave.
Betel Nut Valley
Betel Nut Valley,or Binglang Valley,is a large park dedicated to Hainan Li and Miao minority culture. In Betel Nut Valley there are exhibit halls displaying the fabulous Dragon Brocades,traditional tree bark clothing,and many other fascinating Li and Miao cultural heritage items passed down through history 。
Paradise of the Egret
Located near Hongdoupo Village, which is about 2 kilometers north of Tuncheng Town, the Paradise of the Egret is natural landscape protected voluntarily by the villagers who have planted thousands of fruit trees on the waste slopes around the...
Dongshan Mountain Range
Dongshan Ridge, although not very high at 184 meters, has been called “the best mountain in Hainan” (the Chinese love to say that something is “number one” ). With beautiful landscapes and local specialties, Dongshan is one of the best attractions...
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