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Relaxing Beach Holidays
Hainan Island has a coastline that extends to more than1,580kilometers. 50% to 60% of the shore area is broad sand beach reaching a width hundreds of meters or even as much as one kilometre. The slope of the beach is usually...
River Rafting
Hainan is China's only year-round rafting region where Tropical River Valley Rafting is a popular new type of tourism. Wether rafting in the romantic Wanquan River or in the adventuros and exciting WuZhiShan River Valley, visitors will be more than satisfied with the trip.As the raft...
Magically Romantic Islet Tours
There are many small islands and peninsulas around Hainan Island; all of which have beautiful scenery and an exotic feel. Sanya’s Wuzhizhou Island, West Island and Monkey Island each have unique characteristics that attract many...
Hainan Culinary Tours
Every city and county in Hainan possesses tropical fields and gardens and without exception they are all beautiful. Activities available include tasting fresh tropical orchard fruits, visiting farms, fishing, sampling seafood...
Searching for Unusual Tropical Flora and Fauna
As China’s only tropical island province, Hainan has extremely rich natural resources of plants and animals with much appeal.Of these special tourism attractions the primary ones are Jianfeng Ridge, Five Finger Mountain...
Traditional Li and Miao Minority Attractions
The total population of Hainan Island is around 7.4 million of which the Li, Miao, Zhuang, and a further 36 ethnic minority groups account for about 1.2 million people. As a result of historical and cultural influences, each minority still retains...
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