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Situated on the north coast of Hainan island close to the Beibu gulf, Danzhou lies between a longitude of 19°11'-19°52' North and a latitude of 108°56'-109°46' East. The county has a total shoreline of 240 kilometers, a population of 950,000 and a land area covering 3400 square kilometres. Danzhou is Hainan’s largest city and has the largest population. Danzhou has been sequentially honoured as a “China Top 100 Agriculture City”, “China Health City”, “Chinese Culture Model City”, “China Outstanding Environmental Comprehensive Renovation City” and “China Outstanding Tourism City”.

The Danzhou City administrative region comprises seventeen towns, four farms and three industrial parks with the Yangpu Special Economic Development Zone located within its borders.

Danzhou’s Municipal Government building is 130 kilometres from the provincial capital Haikou and 60 kilometres from the Yangpu Special Economic Development Zone.


Economic development:

According to 2006 initial estimates, Danzhou’s GDP was 7.153 Billion RMB (at present prices, excluding agriculture), representing an increase of 11% over the previous year’s figure. This number includes primary industry production valued at 4.24 Billion RMB, a 10.5% increase over the previous year, secondary industry production of 961 Million RMB, a 10.2% increase over the previous year and other industrial production of 614 Million RMB, a 16.4% increase. Tertiary industry value was 1.94 Billion RMB, an increase of 12.6% over the previous year.


Natural Resources:

Water resources: Within its borders, Danzhou county has one of China’s ten largest reservoirs – the Songtao reservoir with a capacity of 334 Billion litres of water. The county also has a number of small and medium sized reservoirs and rich water resources with good irrigation conditions.

Land resources: Danzhou’s soil is rich and fertile and suitable for the cultivation of all kinds of tropical fruits, famous flowers, southern medicines and other ingredients for traditional Chinese medicine. The area possesses superior factors for the development of highly efficient tropical agriculture.

Mineral resources: Danzhou has abundant reserves of unextracted quartz sand, granite, basalt, barite and ten or more types of other minerals

Maritime resources: With 240 kilometres of coastline, many natural harbours, shallow water areas, 300,000 Chinese acres of mudflats, good quality water and abundant ocean resources there is huge potential for the development of the marine aquaculture industry.

Communications: Danzhou has a fast and convenient communications system which extends to every village and town. Currently, .the city’s telephone exchange can handle more than 150,000 calls whilst there are 60,000 mobile phone users and established broadband networking.


Transport & communications: The area has the Yangpu and other natural deepwater harbours, the round island Western Expressway, the Guangzhou cross strait railway link (with two stations in Danzhou) which runs through the county and thus a developed transport system of water and land transportation. It is Hainan’s western traffic hub and gateway to the interior of the island as well as a figurative bridge to South East Asia.

Water supply: With a design capacity of 200,000 tons of water per day, at present the supply is 100,000 tons per day which is enough to fully supply the needs of agriculture, manufacturing and the daily life of the population.

Electric power: Danzhou’s development of electric power generation is ahead of current economic development needs. The electric power grid covers Danzhou, Dongfang, Changjiang, Baisha, Lingao and five further cities and counties with capacity to satisfy the highest industrial and construction demands.

Natural gas pipeline: The city’s natural gas pipeline network is already in operation with an annual available supply of 676,000 cubic metres.

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