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Dingan County lies in the north-east of Hainan Island, Nandu River middle and lower reaches of the Southern Ocean Shores, Beiju Hainan provincial capital Haikou City 33 km, is a layout in the economic development of Hainan Haikou economic zone.


Dingan County has a long history, was founded in the year 1292, has formed a state, so far has been 700 years of history.


The county has a total area of 1,189 square kilometers, there are 10 exemptions town, four townships, and 113 village committees, and 903 villages, three state-owned farms, a state-owned tree farms and a total population of 300,000.


A unique set of advantages and environmental advantages in resources for investment and development has provided good conditions.


Dingan Xian, capital of Haikou City for the satellite town, 40 kilometers Beiju Haikou, Hong Kong, Haikou airport 36 km; Dongju Qinglan Harbor 48 km, 113 km west of Yangpu Port. With the invading type, sea-based location, is to develop high-efficiency tropical agriculture, high-tech industries, warehousing, commercial industry and trade projects of feng shui treasure land.


Eastern Highway roundabout in this county through the territory, along with the creation of three sub-prefecture Crossing the road, Nanli Lake scenic area and a tower connected to Ridge Industrial Development Zone; province East, West and two horizontal lines running through the main highway County Dongnanxibei areas, form a good transport network to facilitate traffic flow is faster.


Program-controlled telephones have installed capacity of 25,000, is now open mobile communication 800 W, county and township, Nanli Lake scenic area, Ridge Industrial Development Zone Tower of program-controlled telephones, automatic pagers, mobile phones have been opened.


The new tower 110-kilovolt transformer substation and Ling Nan Li Lake 35-kilovolt substations have been completed and put into operation. Currently, the county a total of eight substations, the county adequate electricity and power supply security.


Vast fertile land, development and utilization of the county to 178 million mu of land. Rich water, rainwater harvesting in the county area of 100 square kilometers over 10 rivers and water sources for the total 1.592 billion cubic meters, the water reserves of 17,931 kilowatts, for the development of 11,216 kilowatts. Mineral-rich, proven value is the main ore mining more than 10 kinds: gold, silver, copper, cobalt, lead, aluminum, uranium, iron, graphite, quartz stone, kaolin, and so on.


Tourism resources and broad prospects for the main tourist areas and attractions are: the provincial-level scenic spots Nanli Lake, will be the ancient city, Tan Hua Zhang Yuesong Lang home, see-tower, Shang Ming Wang Hong representation of the Former Residence of 1.80 floor, the mother Seosan Revolutionary Memorial , Wen-Bi-Feng, Chinese cities such as the future.


At present, Ding Anxian Waiyinneilian initial projects are completed and put into production 48, a total investment of 388 million yuan and 38 million U.S. dollars in 10 projects under construction, plans to invest 150 million yuan and 20 million U.S. dollars. Dingan Xian is set in King County, Taiwan economic cooperation model, Taiwan 18 development projects, investment 35 million U.S. dollars, the province#39;s well-known Taiwan-Nan Li Lake Golf Course, benefits, tilapia processing plants, food plants, such as happiness items Official business.


For the old times, civilization enthusiasm for the grip fertile and rich in resources. Invest in the development of the set, is the ideal way of getting rich get rich.

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