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Dongfang City lies in the west-southwest of Hainan Island, Changhua River downstream, South and Southeast and Ledong County border, the North and Northeast Changhua River at the junction with Changjiang County, west across the Beibu Gulf and the sea from Vietnam, the total land area of 2266.62 Square kilometers. Oriental City, inhabited by Han, Li, Miao, Hui and other nationalities, the total population of 350,000 people.


Oriental City, the low-lying East West, the terrain was from southeast to northwest mountain, hilly, plateau, plains, and other types of landscapes. As more types of landscapes, complex terrain, elevation relative height difference, around the soil, plants, light, heat, water, gas, a significant difference.


Eastern Municipal tropical monsoon maritime climate, long sunshine, high temperatures, temperature and more, all year round without Shuangxue, with an average annual temperature of 24-25 degrees Celsius, sunshine hours, 2777 hours, with an average annual rainfall 1000-1900 mm, with an average annual evaporation 2300-2450 mm and evaporation than precipitation, dry temperature significantly. 6-10 in a typhoon, but a typhoon on agricultural production advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Oriental City has found that there are over 10 kinds of minerals, including gold reserves, widely distributed, high-grade, quartz sand reserves of 20 million tons, of solid color white, 99.3% silicon content of this is the ideal glass industrial raw materials. Oriental City, the surrounding waters are rich reserves of oil and natural gas, has proven "Orient 1-1," Construction and natural gas reserves of around 75.5 billion cubic meters, near the Maya 13-1 has been mining, gas supply to the east.

Oriental City, a total area of 670,784 mu of arable land, divided into four integrated agricultural areas: the western coastal plain of grain, sugar, oil, Guacai; low mountains in the eastern basin of plastic, and grain; valley north-central platform for low heat for Lin And pastoral areas; southeastern mountains for the forest, plastic area. Dongfang City perennial planting of food crops: rice, sweet potato, cassava, maize, sorghum, Hill Portland; economic crops are: mango, watermelon, pumpkin, Qinggua, peanuts, pepper, sugar cane, bananas, pineapples and beans. Tropical crops are: rubber, sisal, kapok, coconut, betel nuts, cashews, pepper, citronella, and so on.


Oriental City, the commercial and industrial enterprises are built machinery, sugar, building materials, shipbuilding, grain, oil, food processing, garment processing, woven bags, fertilizer production, and other categories of product structure.


Dongfang City in the road accessible. National, provincial highway, and township road traffic mileage over 700 km, Yu-West line runs through the city and throughout the city to the Highway, City Road, Kowloon City District has four horizontal longitudinal eight municipal road. West-to eight-Haikou, Sanya and eight of the road has continued into the opening. Dongfang City railway mileage of 214 km, and Hainan Iron and eight in Hong Kong and Sanya Hong Kong connected together.


Dongfang City in eight Hong Kong is the quality of Hainan Province port, the port depth, throughput, with six 10,000-ton berths, Hainan is the largest throughput of the port, is also one of the eight major ports, and 12 domestic ports And the world 17 countries and regions navigable.


Oriental City, the city installed capacity of 16,000 automated telephone, long-distance direct-dial telephone line 400, analog mobile phone channel 24, digital mobile telephone channel 16, 2816 township program-controlled telephones, initially formed to digital transmission, program-controlled exchange into Lord of the integration of urban and rural communication network, and the world more than 190 countries and regions and over 800 domestic cities directly call.


Oriental City have three foreign-related hotels, 3-4 four stars hotels, comprehensive Trade City 4, over 10 country markets, the municipal hospital four, six high school, a middle-Normal School, the urban primary schools 9, five cinemas, the Coliseum three, three manufacturers tap water, electricity plants 2.


Dongfang City of Hainan Province is the focus of development and construction, the east port city will be relying on to railways, highways for the two wings, to vigorously develop the heavy chemical industry and the energy industry to support the modernization of industry and with the convergence of supporting the industry groups, Vigorously develop to develop high-efficiency tropical agriculture and marine aquaculture as the main direction of large-scale agricultural industries, vigorously develop commerce and tourism for the pilot of social tertiary industry, the Dongfang City into economic prosperity, social civilization and improve the function , Management and orderly, rational layout, a beautiful environment of the coastal port city.


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