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Telecommunications: The whole city and countryside has switched to digital telephone communications and automatic exchanges which can connect nationally and internationally to over 200 countries and regions. There are 29 Internet postal service websites of which 21 are for e-commerce and the express postal service has expanded to cover 211 countries and regions with deliveries right across ChinaQionghai City is situated on the east coast of Hainan island some 86 kilometres from the provincial capital, Haikou. It lies 163 kilometres from the international southern tourist city of Sanya, 60 kilometres north of Wanning City, with Dingan and Tunchang counties to the west and Wenchang Qinglan harbour to the east. Qionghai covers an area of 1,710.4 square kilometres and as of the end of 2005 the population totaled 452,000 people. Its administrative region includes Jiaji, Zhongyuan, Bo’ao, Tanmen, Changpo, Wanquan, Tayang, Dalu, Yangjiang, Longjiang, Huishan townships as well as the twelve towns of Shibi along with 203 villages, five state run farms, one farm for overseas Chinese and a state run forestry plantation.


Economic Development
According to initial 2006 estimates, GDP for the whole year was 5.42 billion RMB, an increase of 8.8% over the previous year at comparative prices. Of this figure primary industries accounted for 3.03 billion RMB, an increase of 6.9%, secondary industries added 608 million RMB (an increase of 12.5%) whilst tertiary industries accounted for 1.78 billion RMB (a 10.7% increase).


Mineral resources: Proven valuable mineral resources include titanium, potassium, tungsten, gold, graphite, kaolin and siliceous sand amongst a total of fourteen mineral resources. These deposits include (all at a mineral or metal content of 35% and above), 17.7 million tons of titanium ore, 3.4 million tons of graphite, 200 million tons of potassium feldspar, 100 million tons of granite and more than 1 million tons of siliceous sand.

Water resources: There are six rivers with year round flow totaling nearly 3 billion cubic metres of which 9.4% or 263 million cubic metres are currently used. The water quality exceeds the national grade two drinking water quality standard. Within the county there are seven medium sized reservoirs with a total capacity of 259 million cubic metres. Hydroelectric power generation capability is 120,000 Kilowatts which can be expanded by a further 118,000 Kilowatts. Furthermore, there are the Guantang and Beian hot springs, the most treasured of which is Guantang which produces 10,700 tons of water every day at a temperature of 70°C-90°C. After national appraisal, this was found to be a globally rare mineral spring area.

Maritime resources: Qionghai has a coastline stretching 43 kilometres. Dragon Bay has a water depth of 12 metres and is approaching the standard for an international deep water harbour where it is possible to build a dock with up to 42 berths for 10,000 – 50000 tonnage shipping. Fishing grounds extend to the Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha islands with offer 40 species of high economic value fish. Within the county there are 187,000 Chinese acres of shallow seas and mudflats suitable for the cultivation of high quality marine produce. Within Danzhou County is China’s biggest producer of Eucheuma algae, an ingredient used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tourism resources: With its breathtaking scenery, the Wanquan River Valley is the most important resource, including the river, Baishi Ridge, the Guantang hot springs and Shazhou Island. The Wanquan River empties into the sea at Bo’ao’s Jade Belt Beach, site of the Bo’ao Forum For Asia International Conference Centre which makes up a large part of the tourism system for Qionghai and the eastern part of Hainan. This is amongst provincial areas classified as focal points for tourism and the opening up of Hainan.

Ecological resources: Qionghai has beautiful scenery and abundant natural resources. In the west coast of Hainan Province it is the most developed area in economic, cultural and transportation terms. From its source high on Five Finger Mountain, the Wanquan River flows horizontally across the whole county from west to east like a thick pure-white belt, simultaneously connecting history with the future. On both its banks, the Wanquan River has nurtured unsophisticated, hardworking people who in ancient times wrote down the cultural history of the Li and Mia people in colourful language with great attention to detail.

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