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Sanya City is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China. It has an area of 1919.6 square km and a population of 536,000 (2006). After Haikou, it is the second most populous city of the island. Sanya is renowned for its tropical climate and is a popular tourist destination. It is also the focus city for China's Utsul Muslims and the site for training the Chinese national beach volleyball team.


A 108-meter Buddhist statue of Guanyin in Sanya, completed in May 2005, is one of the tallest statues in the world. Yalong Bay is a 7.5km beach located to the southeast of Sanya City.


In the last few years Sanya has developed to become a getaway from Hong Kong and a relaxing place for extending a holiday without a long trip back home. The first international Resort hotel was opened and managed by Swiss hotelier N.C. Solari in 1999, in Yalong Bay.


Nowadays, international hotel chains have established themselves in what is becoming a well-known destination worldwider, especially following the Miss World beauty pageant at the Crowne Plaza, a hotel along Yalong Bay. The resort in Sanya Bay, the Palm Beach Resort and Spa welcomed the first Miss China beauty pageant in modern times. The organizer Ms. Julia Morley decided hold the international pageant in Sanya in the following year. Sanya attracts many Russian tourists as can be seen by many Russian signs throughout the city. There is a butterfly museum and a shell aquarium.


Tian-Ya-Hai-Jiao )(The end of the Earth)

Lu Hui Tou (Deer turns its head) A large stone statue above Sanya harbour telling the story of a hunter pursuing a deer to an isolated headland in the sea. When the deer could not escape, it turned to look at the hunter and became a beautiful woman. The hunter could not kill her and instead fell in love with her. Luhuitou is a place for lovers; many people leave a padlock on a chain at the top of the mountain in the hope that their love will last as the lock remains.


Yalong, Dadonghai (big east sea), Sanya, Haitang, and Yazhou are the five major bays in Sanya.

Wuzhizhou Island.

West Island

Dongtian Park

The Tiger and Crocodile centre.


The city is served by Sanya Phoenix International Airport. Buses from other parts of the island arrive and depart from Sanya's bus terminal. Plenty of taxis are avilable for both residents and tourists.
- From Sanya Phoenix International Airport to Dadonghai Beach and Yalong Bay, visitors can also take the No.8 Bus.


Geography and climate

Sanya is roughly on the same latitude as Hawaii, with very warm weather all year around. It is one of the transportation and communication centers of China, and one of the important trade ports in the extreme south of the golden coastline. The daily average temperature is 25.4C and annual rainfall is 1,279mm.


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