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Wuzhi Mountain

Wuzhishan is located in the center of Hainan. As one of the most famous mountains in China, it is also the pride of Hainan. Breaking through the clouds, its five peaks look like five fingers, from which it derives its name.


The tropical forest that grows on the mountain is home to myriad plants and animals. At 1,879 meters above sea level, the immense mountain also hosts a large wildlife and nature reserve.


Legend has it that a long time ago, the Wuzhishan region was a mere plain. An elderly couple lived on this plain with their five sons. They worked very hard every day of the week to turn the wasteland into fertile space; with no useful tools, they used wooden sticks and stones as substitutes for farming instruments. Their lives were very hard.


One night, a phantom appeared in front of the dreaming husband , who told him to continue farming the land, as it was fertile. The spirit told the husband about two valuable instruments buried near his home: a magic hoe and sword. According to the apparition, if the farmer gave the hoe an order to "dig," the hoe would dig. If the farmer told the sword to "chop," it would chop. The sword could also serve to protect the family; if anyone was attacked by intruders, it could be ordered to "kill."


The very next day, the family went to look for the magic hoe and sword where the spirit said they would be. Tree after tree fell under the direction of the farmer, and the land became more and more manageable, yielding better results. The family's lives became easier, and under the protection of the sword, they were kept safe, too.


Many years later, the husband passed away. The magic sword was buried with him. The news spread to the ears of evil people, who coveted the family's wealth. They killed the just-widowed wife and captured the five sons. In chains, the brothers were beaten ruthlessly under constant orders to reveal the burial place of the sword. The brothers did not divulge the secret, and eventually were killed.


Their story moved bears, leopards, ants, bees, and birds, who came from all over the world to avenge the brothers' deaths. After killing the murderers, the animals buried the five brothers on the land, which eventually grew to become the five fingers or points that are so characteristic of Wuzhishan.

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