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The Yangpu Economic Development Zone is located in the north east part of Hainan Province on the Yangpu peninsular. It faces the Qiongzhou strait to the north and the Beibu Bay to the west. The area lies directly on the primary Singapore-Hong Kong-Shanghai-Osaka international shipping route, the main route connecting China with the rest of South East Asia. With its superior location, spring-like year round temperatures, a vegetation coverage rate of 53%, and a clean and an elegant environment, Yangpu is the sea transport hub of Eastern China. Tourism resources abound, to the south lies Sanya’s “Ends of the Earth”, Yalong Bay and the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Garden whilst to the west there is the famous Lanyang Hot Spring, tropical rainforest and the Dongpo Academy. To the west of Yangpu there is the home of the Red Detachment of Women in Qionghai and the newly developed tourism Mecca of Bo’ao.

Yangpu is like a strong updraft that supports the wings of Hainan’s industry whilst Hainan provides Yangpu with a life and leisure paradise – the perfect combination of enterprise investment and enjoyment!

The Yangpu peninsular extends to over 350 square kilometres with more than 20 bays and a shoreline of approximately 150 kilometres. There is deep water close to the flat and level shore and when developed there is space for an 80 or more berth deep water harbour capable of handling ships of between 10,000 and 30,000 tons. Within Yangpu bay the average water depth is 11 metres increasing to more than 24.6 metres at its deepest point, allowing ships of 30,000 tons to mover in and out freely without suffering tidal effects. In summary Yangpu possesses all the prerequisites for the construction of a large scale deep water harbour.

Within the development zone all living facilities are complete. There are branches of four large commercial banks, facilities are complete which offer an education system from kindergarten to high school level, a hospital, cinema, stadium, guesthouse, restaurant, gold course and hot springs to form a complete set of facilities. The current development plan builds on the existing infrastructure and over the next two years improvements will be made to increase the standard of the development zone’s medical, cultura land service facilities. Today Yangpu has a large scale shuttle tanker port with ten large oil tanks which are brightly lit at night whilst factories and commercial centres vie to outshine each other. On the waterfront, a new type of industrial base is taking shape with the development zone making great efforts to forge a highly efficient, honest and genuine service-oriented government. For investors, Yangpu offers a receiving doorway and an interactive window with excellent quality services such as port customs clearance, a level II judicial administration and a full range of financial services thus providing companies investing in the area with an open “green channel” for business.

China’s economy is healthy and undergoing rapid expansion and development. The petroleum, natural gas, paper pulp and energy industries have huge raw material requirements. Yangpu is developing oil, gas, wood pulp and chemical industries and has the oil reserves to fuel a new type of waterfront industry with bright prospects. Inside the region there is an 8 million ton capacity oil refinery, a one million ton paper pulp plant with an adjacent 1.6 million ton capacity paper making plant, gas fired power stations and other large scale leading edge projects. Yangpu’s industrial cluster possesses a firm and substantial foundation based on which a number of major projects are under intense negotiation whilst others are already under construction. At the same time co-operation between China and the 10 other ASEAN nations as well as the Pan Pearl River “9+2”


Natural Resources:
Yangpu has plentiful offshore oil and natural gas resources, initial estimates put Hainan’s entire remaining oil reserves at around between 23 billion tons and 30 billion tons. In addition, some 200-300 kilometres from Yangpu lies the Yingge ocean basin which has already been ascertained to contain a total of some 600 billion cubic metres of natural gas. Around Yangpu, 2005 annual natural gas production capacity reached 6 billion cubic metres and will reach nearly 19 billion cubic metres in 2010 and 26 billion cubic metres by 2015.

Hainan’s western region is rich in iron ore wit reserves of around 4 billion tons representing 71% of China’s total. The ore has an average grade of 51.1% iron content and is low in sulphur, phosphorous and manganese making it excellent quality and the highest grade in the whole country. Surrounding Yangpu there are also reserves of siliceous sand totaling around 8.3 billion tons.

Hainan is China’s only source of natural rubber with output of 3.3 million tons of rubber gum per annum. At the same time, Hainan is the country’s only primary producer of tropical fruits and vegetables and the leading winter supplier of these commodities. In addition, the oceans around Hainan hold an extreme abundance of marine resources.


Port Facilities:
The development zone has a national grade one open port at Yangpu harbour. This is a natural, deep water and well-sheltered harbour. The first and second phases of its development have seen the construction of a 35,000 tonnage class specialized standard container berth, three 20,000 tonnage class general berths, one twenty thousand tonnage class cargo berth and one 3,000 tonnage class berth for work boats. Construction is now underway on three 20,000 tonnage class cargo berths, Hainan Refinery has already finished construction of a 30,000 ton crude oil tanker birth, a 10,000 tonnage class berth for refined oil products, three 5,000 tonnage class berths for refined oil products. The Jinhai Pulp Mill has built one 5,000 tonnage class and two  5,000 class tonnage berths for wood chips plus one 35 tonnage class berth, two 20,000 class tonnage berths and three 5,000 class tonnage berths for general use.


Land route transport
There are 28 kilometres of high grade public roads connected the Yangpu development zone with Hainan’s round island expressway network. The Yangpu subsidiary branch of the Hainan Bus Company attached great importance in linking Yangpu with Haikou, Sanya and other cities with passenger transport routes such that everyday, convenient buses run to and from Yangpu to Haikou, Sanya, Bo’ao and other places. The cross-strait Guangdong rail ferry is already open to traffic and there is a plan in place to build an extension to Yangpu at the appropriate time thus provided a direct mainland rail link.


Air Transport
Yangpu lies 140 kilometres from Haikou’s Meilan Airport and 280 kilometres from Sanya’s Phoenix Airport where there are international flights to and from Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
co-operation will open a window to the outside world to the people of Yangpu.


Water Supply & Drainage
The Songtao Reservoir lies on the borders of the Yangpu Development Zone. It has a storage capacity of 3.3 billion cubic litres of water compared to normal reservoirs with a surface areas of 26.1 square metres) whilst the Chunjiang Reservoir provides additional storage capacity for 100 million cubic metres of water. The Songtao reservoir project is to supply Yangpu is already finished with a supply capacity of 250,000 cubic metres per day whilst the remainder of the project will increase capacity to 450,000-500,000 cubic metres per day with the supply of 50,000 tons of running water per day already in operation. These resources are sufficient to cover Yangpu’s daily living and industrial development requirements. In addition, around 20 square kilometres of drainage and an underground sewerage network is already taking shape whilst some large scale sewage system projects are complete and already in use.


Electricity Supply
Yangpu currently has a 444,000 Kw gas powered electricity generating plant and is connected to the Hainan provincial electricity grid. The electricity generation plan will offer 135,000 Kw of capacity once completed which can satisfy the demands of the development zone. At the same time, a further 420,000 Kw of power generation facilities will be built by companies to provide a third level of electricity supply.


Post & Telecommunications
The Yangpu development zone has already constructed a modern integrated communications network. Within the region there are 1650 relay lines and a 6,000 line automatic telephone exchange plus 3,000 mobile phones. Mobile communications and the public digital data network are both now in operation. Currently, the Haikou to Yangpu optical communications cable is already connected and a further project has started to expand automatic telephone exchange facilities to handle 25000 simultaneous calls. The industrial development zone has established a post office for both national and international letters along with funds remittance and express mail services

Each year there is a natural gas supply of 1.6 million cubic metres completing a water, electricity, natural gas, drainage, roads and communications pipelines on a level surface.

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