The third Hainan (21st Century Maritime Silk Road) Chorus Festival was held in Haikou from November 17 to 20

Source:Hainan Daily

The third Hainan (21st Century Maritime Silk Road) Choir Festival is scheduled to be held in Haikou from November 17 to 20. They will invite adult choirs, children's choirs and middle-aged and elderly choirs from countries jointly building the Maritime Silk Road and other countries on the five continents to participate, further promote international cultural and artistic exchanges, and help the cultural construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Zhang Demei, Vice chairman of the China Choral Association and the Secretary-General and artistic director of the Organizing Committee of the Third Hainan (21st Century Maritime Silk Road) Choral Festival, introduced that the purpose of holding this choral Festival is to further promote the cultural exchange and economic development of Hainan Free Trade Port with the help of Hainan's rich cultural resources and superior geographical location.

Up to now, a total of 100 choirs from 21 provinces (including 2 autonomous regions and 3 municipalities directly under the Central Government) have confirmed their participation. Fourteen choirs from six countries, including Russia, the Philippines and Romania, have also been invited to participate.

This year's Maritime Silk Road Choral Festival mainly includes the opening ceremony and concert of the Choral Festival, the Maritime Silk Road Classic choir evaluation competition, chorus competition and exhibition, domestic and foreign excellent choirs into the campus, expert comments, the closing ceremony and award ceremony of the choral Festival.

The promotion of internationalization is a highlight of this year's Maritime Silk Road Choral Festival. At that time, not only will choirs from many countries participate in the event, but also diversified cultural exchange activities will be carried out through a combination of online and offline forms to enhance the attraction and influence of the choral festival.

We look forward to showcasing Hainan's unique cultural charm through this international cultural event platform. At the same time, promote the prosperity and development of Hainan's cultural tourism, and promote the promotion of Hainan's cultural soft power and international influence in the international arena. Zhang Demei said.

This year's Maritime Silk Road Choral Festival is guided by the Publicity Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Organizing Committee of China International Choral Festival, with special support from the International Cultural Exchange Foundation, and co-sponsored by China Choral Association and Hainan Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Hainan Provincial Musicians Association, Hainan Provincial Choral Association, Hainan Performing Arts Group, Hainan Maritime Silk Road Choral Festival Co., LTD., Zhihai Wangchao Tide Communication Group. (Reporter Zhang Wanxi)

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