In 2024, the national "Village Evening" demonstration event was staged in Haikou

Source:Hainan Daily

On February 2, "People sing to welcome the New Year and celebrate the year of harvest." The national "Village Evening" demonstration event in 2024 was staged in Xinpo Village, Xinpo Town, Longhua District, Haikou City. The villagers used a self-directed and self-performed wonderful program to show the spirit of rural revitalization.

On the stage of "Village Evening", Wuzhishan ethnic fashion "shows" the new fashion of traditional Li and Miao costumes. The puppet show "Wang Zuo goes to the capital for an examination" and the opera song "Ode to Wenchang" show the charm of national intangible cultural heritage. Dan music such as "We Danjia people", group singing of "People of Li Township Welcome Guests", and "Rhythm of Li and Miao" were performed to sing the new atmosphere of Hainan's new countryside. The dance "coconut shell da da happiness comes" and "The people of Baoting should get high", etc., jumped out of the happiness and sense of gain of the villagers' good life. The stage play took turns, the audience applauded constantly.

In addition, at the "Village Evening" scene, activities such as appreciation of folk customs, Chinese New Year market, sending Spring Festival couplets, sending blessing characters, intangible cultural heritage display, and promotion of rural good goods were also carried out. The masses can get Spring Festival couplets for free, buy special agricultural products, and the New Year is full of flavor.

It is understood that the "Village Evening" demonstration and exhibition activities in Hainan Province have been carried out for three consecutive years. This year, there are 22 "Village Evening" demonstration points in the province. Among them, Xinpo Village, Xinpo Town, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hengshan Village, Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, and Old Village, Longhe Town, Ding'an County, were selected as the national "Village Late" demonstration points in 2024, guiding the province's "Village late" to flourish.

In the next step, the provincial Department of Tourism and Culture will also organize nearly 300 activities such as "Spring to the home of ordinary people" during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival on the basis of the "Village Evening" activities, and broadcast the hometown New Year and New Year painting exhibitions in the way of intangible cultural heritage. (Reporter Liu Xiaohui, correspondent He Zhenjun)

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