The amount of offshore duty-free shopping during the first week of the Spring Festival rush was 960 million yuan

Source:Hainan Daily

With the rapid rise in the number of tourists entering and leaving Hainan Island during the Spring Festival travel rush, the "fire" of offshore duty-free consumption is also burning. According to Haikou Customs statistics, the first week of the Spring Festival rush (January 26 - February 1), Haikou Customs supervised a total of 960 million yuan of offshore duty-free shopping, 155,000 people, and 1,063 million pieces, promoting the consumer market to continue to achieve a good start.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Hainan's offshore duty-free shops have launched promotional activities such as "duty-free New Year Goods Festival" and multiple points to create diversified consumption scenarios to meet the needs of different groups and boost the spring duty-free consumption boom.

"The Spring Festival market" is not only the first important marketing node after the New Year's Day, but also the traditional sales peak. Products related to the "Year of the Dragon" have become popular, and skincare sets and wine gift boxes limited to the Year of the Dragon have become hot sellers. Sinopremedy Sanya Duty Free shop operations director Yang Chenhao said.

With the opening of the holiday "war" of offshore duty-free Spring Festival market, the Spring Festival stocking and logistics supply chain of the 12 duty-free shops on the whole island of Hainan have been running in advance, and the import and export of duty-free goods have entered the peak period.

Behind the upgrading of consumption experience is the improvement of quality and efficiency brought about by intelligent supervision. In order to help duty-free enterprises seize the "golden period" of the sales season, Haikou Customs has continued to improve the efficiency of the reform of duty-free centralized examination of documents on outislands. They compressed the record time of duty-free products to within 3 minutes, and the review time of non-inspection orders to within 5 minutes, ensuring the "zero delay" of duty-free products, greatly improved the logistics turnover efficiency, and further compressed the operating costs of enterprises.

Haikou Customs through the establishment of a customs contact platform, open up to help enterprises to serve the "last mile", "one enterprise a group" online business acceptance, to provide "full chain" quality services. At the same time, relying on the offshore duty-free customs supervision system, video surveillance and store inspection, the whole process of duty-free products dynamic supervision, to protect the quality of goods and consumer rights and interests.

Guo Jianmeng, deputy director of the Haikou Customs Port Supervision Department, said: "This year, we will continue to focus on smart supervision and practical measures to help offshore duty-free enterprises continue to release momentum, promote ERP networking, offshore duty-free postal tax electronic payment, 'once recorded, the whole island can be used' and other facilitation measures to achieve results, continue to shine the golden sign of offshore duty-free islands, and add new momentum to the construction of Hainan international tourism consumption center." (Reporter Cao Mazhi, correspondent Yang Gang)

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