More than 1.31 million passengers flew in and out of Hainan during the first week of the Spring Festival travel rush

Source:Hainan Daily

In the first week of the Spring Festival travel rush in 2024, the three major airports of Haikou Meilan, Sanya Phoenix and Qionghai Boao completed 7,412 flights, with a throughput of 1.316 million passengers and 10,800 tons of cargo and mail, up 16.3%, 46.0% and 25.9%, respectively.

This year is the first Spring Festival travel period after Meilan Airport flight time expansion to optimize the pickup time and enter the incremental stage. During the first week of the Spring Festival travel rush, Meilan Airport completed 4,467 flights, transporting 734,000 passengers and 7,149.9 tons of cargo and mail.

Since the passenger flow exceeded 100,000 on January 25, Meilan Airport's daily passenger flow reached a new peak of 110,000 on February 1.

In order to improve air passenger and cargo capacity during the Spring Festival, Meilan Airport on the one hand actively coordinated with airlines to increase flights, increasing wide-body passenger aircraft operating capacity on popular city routes such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, on the other hand, opened Shenzhen-Singapore - Haikou - Shenzhen, Haikou - Ezhou two cargo lines. And they upgraded the international cargo route between Haikou and Paris to be operated by wide-body aircraft. At the same time, they regularly carry out volunteer assistance and guidance, baggage door to door, first ride without worry, late arrival reminder and other services.

In the first week of the Spring Festival travel rush, Sanya Phoenix Airport completed 2,604 flights, with a throughput of 535,000 passengers and 3,573 tons of cargo and mail.

Phoenix Airport has taken measures such as coordinating with airlines to increase wide-body aircraft delivery on key passenger source routes, adding two domestic cargo inspection channels, rebuilding the inbound pick-up area, and strengthening inquiry guidance and voluntary services in the terminal building.

Boao Airport added 8 new Spring Festival overtime routes, while optimizing the schedule of service, in the "counter" + "patrol and walk" mode of linkage, to provide warm materials and warm services for the majority of passengers.

It is also understood that the 11 airports of Hainan Airport Group, a subsidiary of Hainan Holding, have completed 8,460 flights, with a passenger throughput of more than 1.416 million people and a cargo and mail throughput of 11,700 tons, an increase of 14.8%, 44.4% and 24.4% respectively in the same period. (Reporter Shao Changchun, correspondent Yang Minzhe, Huang Yuguang, Chen Yijun, Xu Wei)

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