In the first quarter, Hainan exported aquatic products worth more than 700 million yuan

Source:Hainan Daily

"Under the careful protection of the customs, the quality of our products is stable, the export customs clearance is efficient, and the international market is effectively opened." A few days ago, Tongwei (Hainan) Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. staff Zhong Chaoyan said. Since the beginning of this year, dozens of tons of frozen tilapia fillets of the company have passed the quarantine of Haikou Port Customs, which is owned by Haikou Customs, and have passed the rapid clearance of the "instant inspection, quick inspection and quick release" channel to achieve the "fresh" export.

On May 1, the reporter learned from the Haikou Customs that in the first quarter of this year, Hainan exported 34,000 tons of aquatic products, with a value of 720 million yuan, an increase of 8.7% and 19.1% respectively.

In recent years, Haikou Customs has taken many measures to support the development of Hainan's local fishery and actively helped export-oriented enterprises to expand the international market. Data show that Hainan aquatic products have been exported to 56 countries (regions) such as the United States, Mexico and the European Union. In order to do a good job in the supervision and clearance of aquatic products export, Haikou Customs has issued a series of "combined fists" in view of the fresh and perishable characteristics of aquatic products, guiding enterprises to make good use of convenient and rapid customs clearance modes such as "declaration in advance" to achieve "zero waiting" for aquatic products export. Through the implementation of the "source control - conformity assessment - process monitoring" supervision model, while improving the efficiency of product clearance, the quality and added value of products are constantly improved.

In addition, Haikou Customs plays the role of monitoring and early warning of import and export products, provides enterprises with foreign technical trade measures, and gives relevant opinions and suggestions, helps enterprises effectively avoid trade and investment risks, and helps Hainan aquatic products venture overseas.(Reporter Cao Mazhi,Correspondent Wang Ting)

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