Hainan launched 12 high-quality research and tourism routes

Source:Hainan Daily

On May 25, the 2024 Hainan Summer Camp Research Products Promotion meeting hosted by Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio, Television and Sports was held in Haikou. The reporter learned from the press conference that Hainan will launch 12 high-quality research and tourism routes.

The twelve high-quality research and learning tourism routes are the "rainforest secret" through the jungle, the "wild call" nature encyclopedia tour, the "trace Qiongzhou" intangible cultural heritage folk tour, the "enjoy food" characteristic food tour, the "red revolution mark" do not forget the original heart of the tour, the "discover wonderful" road tour around the island, "island players" dynamic sea tour, "dream stars and the sea" powerful country building dream tour, "poetic Qiongzhou" Dongpo culture tour, "light of science and technology" hardcore science popularization tour, as well as "vitality Hainan" sports tour, "charm Hainan" literary tour.

At the same time, in order to attract students from other provinces to Hainan to participate in summer camp study tour, the Provincial Tourism and Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Department jointly with Hainan Radio and Television Travel Center, Provincial Performing Arts Group, Sansha Nanhai Dream Cruise Co., Ltd. and many travel agencies have carefully selected 22 summer camp study activities, and they will set off as a group at a selected time.

Chen Tiejun, director of the Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, said that as a new business form of cultural and tourism integration, the course design of the study tour is the key to determining its quality. The Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio, Television and Sports will work with the Provincial Department of Education to do a good job in product planning and management of 81 research and study bases in the province, while continuing to improve the ability of research and study travel supervision and service, improve the training system for practitioners, and increase the supervision of the tourism market.(Reporter Liu Xiaohui)

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