The 6th Hainan International Film Festival starts to collect films from all over the world

Source:Hainan Daily

The 6th Hainan International Film Festival will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province from December 4 to 10, 2024. On July 4, the organizing committee of the Film Festival issued a global announcement for the collection of films, and the deadline for the collection of films is 24 o 'clock on September 20, 2024. All films applying for the "Golden Coconut Award" competition and screening section can be registered through the official website of Hainan International Film Festival.

It is reported that the 6th Hainan International Film Festival, sponsored by the China Media Group and the People's Government of Hainan Province, is committed to strengthening international film cultural exchanges and cooperation, promoting the development of the film industry, promoting the prosperity of film creation, supporting the growth of young filmmakers, and achieving the popularization of excellent film culture across the island.

The competition section of this year's Golden Coconut Award has three categories: story feature film, documentary feature film and short film, and the jury is composed of domestic and foreign film professionals. They selected 10 awards in various categories, including the Best Film Award, Jury Award, Best Director Award, Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Visual Effects Award, Best Chinese Contribution Award, Best Documentary Award and Best Short Film Award, and awarded corresponding prizes to recognize and encourage films with high artistic value and outstanding filmmakers in various categories. The shortlist of "Golden Coconut Award" competition and screening units will be announced in November, and the winner list of "Golden Coconut Award" competition will be announced at the closing ceremony of the festival.

This year's Film Festival will continue to uphold the concept of "screening in the whole island, so that the whole people can watch movies", and create open-air screening activities with Hainan characteristics while showcasing outstanding Chinese and foreign films in cooperative theaters. In addition to the directed invitation films, the screening unit of the festival will also be open to independent registration to absorb more high-quality works, highlighting the cultural trend of The Times and diversified film characteristics.

The Organizing committee of the Film Festival reminds that the application for competition units and screening units must be registered on the official website of the Film Festival within the specified time when the registration window is open, fill in the required information of the registration form one by one, and upload the film sample. More information about the application and award Settings can be found on the official website of the festival.(Reporter Zhang Wanxi, Huang Yuanyan)

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