Sanya's first fifth traffic rights cargo route opened

Source:Hainan Daily

Following the opening of the first fifth air rights passenger route last year, on July 2, Sanya's first fifth air rights cargo route "Seoul-Sanya-Singapore" was officially opened, meaning that Sanya opened the fifth air rights passenger and cargo transport situation, so that Sanya and the world to establish closer ties.

It is understood that the fifth air rights cargo route of "Seoul-Sanya-Singapore" is operated by Boeing 737-800, with a maximum loading weight of 20 tons and a maximum loading capacity of 110 cubic meters. The opening of this cargo route is an important breakthrough in the layout of Hainan's global air logistics network, which means that airlines can carry cargo in third countries, enrich the transportation pattern between China, South Korea and Singapore, broaden Hainan's foreign trade cooperation channels, meet the international demand for time-efficient logistics, promote economic and trade exchanges, and inject new momentum into the construction of Hainan Free trade Port.

The air traffic right is a kind of national air transport right formulated by the world aviation industry through the International Civil Aviation Organization. The fifth right of air traffic, that is, the right of access to a third country, refers to the right of an airline of a country to stop and carry passengers and goods in a third country while operating an international route. Once the fifth air rights are opened, it means that airlines can carry passengers and goods in third countries, achieving the effect of free transport between the three countries. Therefore, the fifth air rights are praised by the aviation industry as "the richest and most economically significant" air rights, and it is also an important sign to measure the level of regional opening up and business environment.

In recent years, our province has actively promoted the construction of the fifth air rights, improved the layout of international routes, built a more convenient air passage, and promoted international exchanges and cooperation in economic and cultural aspects. It is reported that as of June 30, 2024, Haikou Meilan International Airport has opened five international cargo routes: "Haikou-Paris-Bournemouth", "Haikou-Vienna-Bournemouth", "Haikou-Bournemouth", "Incheon-Haikou- Singapore" and "Haikou-Paris". Among them, "Haikou-Bournemouth" is the first international cargo route from Hainan Free Trade Port to the United Kingdom, and initially constructed an international cargo route network that radiates from Haikou to Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions, as well as "Phnom Penh-Haikou-Nha Trang" fifth air rights passenger route. Sanya Phoenix International Airport has operated the "Phnom Penh-Sanya-Singapore" fifth air rights passenger route and the "Seoul-Sanya-Singapore" fifth air rights cargo route, providing strong support for Sanya Phoenix International Airport to fully build an international regional hub airport and help the construction of the core area of international tourism consumption center.(Reporter Li Yanmei)

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