2024 Dongpo Temple Fair opened in Haikou

Source:Hainan Daily

On the morning of February 1, the 2024 Dongpo Temple Fair opened in Haikou Wanghai International Square. The picture shows the wonderful lion dance performance attracting many visitors from the public. Photo by Hainan Daily reporter Wang Chenglong.

On February 1, the 8-day "Let's Spend the Spring Festival Together" 2024 Dongpo Temple Fair opened in Haikou Wanghai International Square. During the Temple Fair, they will stage the opening ceremony of Dongpo and large-scale interactive performances. There are also many wonderful activities such as Dongpo Spring Festival Fair and Dongpo Garden Fair, so that the majority of public tourists can immerse themselves in Hainan traditional culture and Dongpo cultural charm.

In addition to seeing the vibrant and auspicious lion dance performance, participating in the fun interactive garden activities such as pot throwing, shuttlecock kicking, Chuiwan, Cuju, and ring, you can also see 8 unique intangible cultural performances such as Qiongju, eight Yin, and Sanjiang doll play. Immersive performances such as lion dance and drama parade are also walking through it, allowing the majority of citizens and tourists to share the intangible cultural feast, unlocking the traditional culture of Hainan and the authentic Chinese New Year flavor.

Dongpo Spring Festival market is divided into two parts: Dongpo cultural market and New Year goods market. Among them, Dongpo cultural market is divided into eight elegant interests of Song Dynasty "Qin, chess, calligraphy, poetry, wine, flower and tea". The New Year's Fair will cooperate with well-known local brands in Hainan to participate in the temple fair theme activities, so that tourists enjoy the Spring Festival shopping experience.

The person in charge of the Meilan District Tourism and Culture and Sports Bureau introduced that the activity will last until February 8, aiming to fully explore and display Dongpo culture, and constantly promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Dongpo culture. The event will be "Dongpo culture + folk culture + Hainan culture" at the same time, through the stage performance, immersive performance, tour exhibition, interactive experience activities and other colorful forms, promote Dongpo culture, taste the charm of Dongpo, pay tribute to and inherit the true feelings of Chinese people, the Chinese year. Let the excellent traditional Chinese culture and Dongpo culture come alive, and let the citizens and tourists feel the charm of traditional culture in multiple dimensions.

In the next step, Meilan District will fully tap and utilize its unique tourism resources and folk culture advantages, and further promote the development of Meilan cultural tourism industry through the publicity and promotion of cultural tourism IP such as "Hainan Dongpo". (Reporter Liu Mengxiao, special correspondent Wang Pinzhao)

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