Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government of Hainan Province


The following is the full text of the government work report delivered at the First Session of the Seventh Hainan Provincial People’s Congress on January 13, 2023.



Delivered at the First Session of the Seventh Hainan Provincial People’s Congress on January 13, 2023

Feng Fei

Governor of Hainan Province

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the People’s Government of Hainan Province, I will now report to you on its work and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also ask members of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other guests for their comments.

I. A Review of Our Work in 2022 and Over the Term of this Government

The year 2022 has been an extraordinary period when Hainan undertook missions and tasks of great glory and higher significance and withstood hits and tests from various unpredictable events. Staying true to the decisions and plans of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), under the visionary leadership of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and with the oversight and support of the Provincial People’s Congress and the Provincial CPPCC Committee, we took a holistic approach to pandemic control and economic and social development, and balanced development and security. We made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, which led to the accumulation of overall stability, better quality, and cumulative advantages of social and economic development.

General Secretary Xi Jinping cares deeply about Hainan and highly affirmed its performance.General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hainan again in April last year, fully acknowledging its development and giving it new missions and tasks of accelerating the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and global influence. In the report to the 20thCPC National Congress, the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port has been listed as an achievement of the Party Central Committee in the 10-year new era and is included in its plan for future development. The people of Hainan have been inspired and energized by such recognition and appreciation.

COVID-19 prevention and control measures were strong and effective. We successfully responded to four rounds of COVID-19 outbreaks. In particular, we won the battle against the August 1stoutbreak with zero spillovers in a short time, maintaining the stability of public opinion and social conditions, thus making our contribution to the national prevention and control effort. After the improvement and adjustment of the prevention and control policy, we promptly shifted the focus from infection prevention to health protection and prevention of severe diseases and effectively allocated medical and health resources to promote the adjustment and control measures to pass the peak of infections and achieve a smooth and orderly transition.

The economy stabilized and improved.In the face of pressure beyond expectations, we launched two rounds of extraordinary actions to stabilize the economy and introduced special measures to assist businesses with difficulties, reducing and abating taxes and cutting fees totaling 28.09 billion yuan. With hard work and perseverance, we stabilized the economy, which improved month by month in the fourth quarter. Our gross regional product is expected to achieve positive growth. While fiscal revenue, investment, consumption, and other indicators failed to meet expectations1, structural quality indicators made an improvement. Industrial investment grew by 33 percent, with an increase of 5.2 percentage points in proportion. The construction of 13 key industry parks, including HaikouJiangdong New Area and Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, was in full swing, with operating income and tax revenue increased by 20 percent and 18 percent respectively.

The development of the free trade port progressed significantly.Preparation for independent customs operations was fully initiated, all 25 related projects led by the province have started construction, and three zero-tariff lists2were implemented in an orderly manner. The number of individuals and enterprises benefiting from the 15 percent income tax ratesincreased by 122.7 percent and 35.7 percent respectively. Special policies continued to be implemented or completed first application, including direct supply of bonded oil for both inbound and outbound flights, special measures to market access, and simplified foreign exchange management. The zero-tariff policy for self-use production equipment and other policies were upgraded progressively. The pilot expansion of the two-tiered import and export administration system, which allows the free flow of factors in Hainan’s international trade and enforces regular customs administration for trade with the rest of the country, was successfully implemented. The number ofmutually recognizedauthorized economic operators (AEOs)3doubled. The Yangpu Bonded Port Area became a Class Aspecial customs supervision area for the first time.

The export-oriented economy was booming.The total import and export of goods are expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, an increase of 35 percent. Trade in services grew by 21.6 percent. The use of foreign investment exceeded 4 billion dollars, an increase of 15 percent. Actual outward investment reached 1.7 billion dollars, doubling year on year. Hainan was the first in China to send a provincial-level government delegation to attract investment abroad since COVID-19 started.

Scientific and technological innovation achieved major breakthroughs.The Yazhou Bay Laboratory went into operation. The submarine Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior) successfully deployed an in-situ scientific experiment station on the seabed. The Tiangong Space Station completed a series of major launches, and the country’s first commercial space launch site started construction. The R&D investment in Hainan grew by about 50 percent.

The business environment kept improving.According to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce survey, Hainan’s business environment moved four places forward in the national ranking. The growth rate of market entities remained the first in China for 34 consecutive months. China’s first Department of Business Environment Optimization was established. More than 100,000 high-level talents were recruited.

Public well-being was effectively ensured.The growth rate of per capita disposable income of rural residents is expected to be faster than that of urban residents by 5.5 percentage points. CPI increase was lower than the national average. The target of adding new urban jobs was over-fulfilled. Some 40,000 places were added for basic education.Outpatient bills for common illnesses of urban workers became reimbursable under the basic medical insurance scheme. Nine tasks for delivering real results to the people were completed. No major or above major accidents in the workplace occurred throughout the year, and the number of accidents and deaths dropped by 28.4 percent and 23.3 percent respectively. About 99 percent of longstanding public complaints and proposals were handled.

Fellow Deputies, the year 2022 is the concluding year of the term of this government. The past five years have been extremely unique, enormously challenging, and yet exceptionally fruitful. General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hainan four times and gave important instructions and comments on more than 40 occasions. We cherish the historical opportunity given by the CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping and bear in mind the target of building Hainan into “three zones and one center”4. Staying true to our original aspiration and mission, we have implemented a range of groundbreaking initiatives, achieved landmark results, and brought about transformative changes.

Over the past five years, the free trade port's development has started well, and Hainan has remained at the forefront of national reform and opening up.General Secretary Xi Jinping attended a ceremony marking the 30thanniversary of the establishment of Hainan as a province and a special economic zone and announced support for Hainan in gradually exploring and steadily developing a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, which opened a new chapter of Hainan’s comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up. Hainan has effectively fulfilled its main responsibility and worked in a fast and steady manner. With strong risk prevention and control measures, it has ensured that the free trade port always develops in the right direction, shifting from a gradual start to vigorous progress, remarkable achievements, and rapid advancement. The Strategic Framework of “One Guideline, Three Foundations, Four Beams and Eight Pillars”5has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and the free trade port is now on a path of irreversible development.

Hainan has adoptedmore than 180 policy documents to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up and development of the free trade port. The free trade port policy system featured “Zero Tariffs, Low Tax Rates, and A Simplified Tax Regime” and “Liberalization and Facilitation in Five Fields, and the Safe and Orderly Flow of Data”6has been gradually built. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Hainan Free Trade Porthas been adopted. The zero-tariff lists, the15% cap on both personal and corporate income tax7, and the policies of import tariff exemption for value-added processed products sold in China have benefited market entities.

The building of an institution-based highland of opening-up has been accelerated.All the 60 tasks of the three-year action (2020–2022) for institutional integration and innovation have been completed, with the accumulative release of 134 institutional innovation cases, of which eight have been promoted by the State Council nationwide and six have been praised during accountability inspections by the State Council. The minimum approval system coined by Hainan has become a national benchmark. Hainan has taken the lead in carrying out reform to explore the“market access upon commitment” system and the “enabling business operation upon granting licenses” policy,with the largest number of informed commitments in the country. It has been leading in the national pilot project of “enhanced competition policy”. The three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform (2020–2022) has been completed, and the provincial state-owned assets and enterprises are now on the fast track for development.

The export-oriented economy has increased significantly.Trade in goods and services has increased by 1.8 and 1.2 times respectively. The utilization of foreign investment over the past five years has exceeded the sum of the previous 30 years. Foreign trade engagement increased by 15 percentage points. The total registered tonnage of international ships has jumped to second place in China. Hainan-Hong Kong cooperation has proceeded in an orderly manner.The China International Consumer Products Expo has been successfully established. The first cross-border transaction of the Hainan International Carbon Emission Trading Center has been successfully carried out.

Risk prevention and control have been practical and effective.The information platform for social management has been put into operation, 64 comprehensive anti-smuggling law enforcement stations have been opened, and three protection circles have been fully built in the offshore, shoreline, and island areas. The first duty-free goods traceability management system has been established. HNA Group Co., Ltd. has completed bankruptcy restructuring, and the risks of a number of financial and real estate projects have been properly defused in accordance with the law, and systemic risks have been prevented.

Over the past five years, the new development philosophy has taken root in Hainan, and the economic transformation and high-quality development initiatives have achieved remarkable results.

Hainan has basically got rid of its dependence on real estate for development.Real estate market regulation has been a success and the economic structure has continued to improve. The proportion of non-real estate investment increasing by 18.2 percentage points over the past five years, and the average annual growth in industrial investment is 12.4 percent.

Projects have been brought in to lengthen the industrial chains. The proportion of the four leading industries8in our province’s GDP has increased from 53 percent to 70 percent. The new business model of “Tourism Plus” has expanded throughout the province, the development of international tourism and consumption center has served as a consumption engine, and the recovery of overseas consumption in high-end shopping, medical care, and education has gradually become the “golden brand” of the free trade port. Offshore duty-free sales have exceeded 130 billion yuan over the past five years. The Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has become a fast trackforinternational innovative drugs and medical devices to enter the Chinese market, with 290 types of them already on the introduced list.The Lingshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone has been approved to establish six Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions (projects) and has officially enrolled students and started school. The new two-way financial opening has gradually taken shape. Modern shipping logistics have expanded in capacity, 13 international regular freight routes have been added, and container throughput at the Yangpu Port has increased by 2.9 times. The output value of the digital economy and the petrochemical new material industry has each exceeded 100 billion yuan. The “medical services plus drugs plus medical devices” biomedical industrial structure has taken shape. The installed capacity of clean-energy facilities for nuclear, wind, photovoltaic, and gas power has increased by 3.8 million kilowatts. Efforts have been intensified to make the Nanfan seed industry and tropical fruits and vegetable industry better and stronger. Hainan has built five national modern agricultural industry parks, eight national towns with industrial strengths, and three national clusters of leading agro-industries with unique advantages. The value added to our province’s efficient tropical agriculture has topped the 100-billion-yuan mark.

Innovation has empowered high-quality development.Hainan has made the best of its strengths in “temperature, depth, and latitude”. It has built the framework for the national science and innovation platforms (1+2+5)9. Hainan’s growth rate of R&D investment has remained in the top two in the country for three consecutive years. The average annual growth rate of patent authorization has remained at 50 percent. The Hainan National Technology Transfer Center has been established. The number of high-tech enterprises has exceeded 1,500. In addition, 509,000 talents have been introduced since April 13, indicating that more than half the goal of introducing one million talents into Hainan has been attained.

Industry parks’ development has been bursting with vitality.Management power has been decentralized to ensure customized policies for each industry park and the layout of industry parks has been well integrated and improved, exhibiting a notable agglomeration effect. The 13 key industry parks have accounted for more than 30 percent of our province’s investment and more than 50 percent of its tax revenue.

Over the past five years, the use of territorial space has been adjusted and improved, and a new phase has been created in the coordinated development of regions.

The top-level design has charted a clearer course. We have issued the Guidelines on Coordinating Development between Regions, making it clear that coordinated development between regions is one of the two major engines of high-level development, that it is necessary to bear in mind the importance of coordinating resources provincewide and pursue higher levels of urban integration across the island, and that it is essential to create a new pattern of coordinated regional development between the “Three Poles, One Belt, and One Area”10.

Regional development has got more distinctive features. The capacity enhancement of the Haikou-Chengmai-Wenchang-Ding’an Metropolitan Area has been accelerated, the Greater Sanya Metropolitan Area has been affecting a transition to tourism and technology innovation, the Danzhou-Yangpu Area has begun to show a synergistic effect, the Coastal Cities Belt has started planning and construction, and the systems and mechanisms of the ecological conservation area in central mountains have become increasingly improved.

Planning has played a more powerful role, institutional control has been more effective, and technical support has been stronger.Hainan is China’s first provincial-level administrative area to carry out reform to roll separate territorial space development plans into one single plan. Based on the reform results, Hainan has completed the integrated plan for territorial space development in the province and Haikou City, putting into effect the definition of “three districts and three lines”11. We have implemented machine-based planning, reduced manual intervention, and made plans more binding. We have strictly enforced the territorial space development and protection system, built contiguous farmland, implemented new land policies and the land supermarket system, and effectively protected land, forests, and the sea. About 65.8 percent of idle land has been utilized, the rectification rate of outstanding problems relating to land and planning has reached 76 percent and 99.3 percent respectively; illegal land use and illegal construction and other phenomena have been effectively curbed.

Infrastructure construction has made life better.The Meilan International Airport now has a double runway. The intercity railway network that crosses the sea and encircles the island has continued to improve, and the country’s first high-speed rail transit city train has been put into operation. All the counties are connected by expressways. The highway and expressway mileage has increased by 35.9 percent and 75.9 percent, respectively, and Hainan is the first in the country to ensure all villages have paved roads. The goal to reach anywhere in the world in just one day, to get anywhere in the whole country in four hours, and to travel anywhere within the island in three hours has gradually become a reality. Market-oriented means have been adopted to integrate port and shipping resources in the Qiongzhou Strait, with the length of time to cross the sea being shortened to 1.5 hours. The first international submarine fiber optic cable has been put into commercial use, and the coverage rate of the gigabit optical network and 5G network has continued to rise. Energy security capabilities have been further improved. The building of a comprehensive demonstration province of smart grids has been completed, and the annual average household power outage time has been reduced to eight hours, ranking about tenth in the country. The natural gas backbone network around the island has been put into use, covering both urban and rural areas. The island-type backbone water network has taken shape, securing the use of safe water.

Over the past five years, keeping in mindthe notion that ecological conservation always comes first, we have made dramatic ecological progress.

New breakthroughs have been achieved in improving the eco-environment. We have rectified all the issues identified in the first and second rounds of the central environmental protection inspection and the national marine inspection. We have achieved the goal of zero landfill in disposing of urban and rural domestic waste.

Landmark projects have achieved new results. The National Park of Hainan Tropical Rainforest has become one of China’s first five national parks. Clean energy installations and NEV ownership have far exceeded the national average, making Hainan the first in the country to build and operate a new energy vehicle charging and swapping “integrated network”. The share of biodegradable plastic substitutes in key industry sites has reached 81.6 percent. The area of prefabricated modules has doubled for four consecutive years. Major progress has been registered insewage treatment, water supply, water drainage, flood prevention, water conservation, and seawater improvement, with 94.9 percent of the area being rated good for surface water quality. Construction has started on the Boao Dongyu Island Zero Carbon Emissions Demonstration Zone.

Fresh progress has been registered in the reform of institutions and mechanisms. The first accounting results of the national park gross ecosystem product (GEP) have been released, 13 projects have been explored and experimented with the notion that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” in mind, the institutional innovation for providing recompense for eco-protection in the Chitian Reservoir has been piloted, and eight cases have been included in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment list of institutional innovation results to be promoted. The PM2.5level has dropped to 12 micrograms per cubic meter, the near-shore sea water quality has been excellent, the Hainan Island Scenic Loop Drive has made way for the mangrove forest, expressway construction has given high priority to ecological conservation, trees have been relocated for reservoir construction, Hainan gibbons have welcomed a new addition to their family in the rain forest, near-shore albino corals have thrived again and the western desert has been afforested, all of which present a picture of harmony between humans and nature in Hainan.

Over the past five years, public services have improved overall, giving people more sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security.

We have won the battle against poverty with high quality. About 649,700 poor residents in rural areas have achieved moderate prosperity along with other people of Hainan Province. We have consolidated and expanded the results of poverty alleviation and coordinated them with rural revitalization efforts, made prominent progress intreating domestic garbage, domestic sewage, livestock manure, and agricultural production waste; improving rural sanitary toilets, and upgrading village roads; and building a long-term mechanism, andbuilt 1,700 beautiful villages.

Real results have been achieved in the action to improve people’s lives.The affordable vegetable programhas improved the healthy food distribution channel, the average prices of 15 comparable vegetables have moved back by 22 places over the past two years in the national ranking, and the problems of high vegetable prices and rapid rises in these prices which have been people’s concernfor many years, have been gradually addressed. Over the past five years, 760,000 new urban jobs have been created and 650,000 rural workers have transitioned into the cities for employment. Rural residents’ per capita disposable income growth rate has been higher than that of urban residents for 12 consecutive years. Hainan is the first province in China to implement the existing-home sales system provincewide, effectively protecting the rights and interests of home buyers. We have creatively introduced affordable housing solutions for residents and talents attracted to Hainan and started construction on 100,000 apartments over the past three years. We have completed the rebuilding of 1,327 old urban residential areas, benefiting 130,000 households. We have relieved the difficulties of financially straitened urban workers.

Social programs have made great progress. The project of “Two schools and one kindergarten in every city (county)”12has provided placements for 160,000 pupils, and a total of 84 secondary schools, primary schools, and kindergartens have been set up. Public kindergartens have been established in all towns and townships. Healthy and happy education to develop Hainan student traits has become our province’s signature program. The higher education layout (1+2+X)13has been basically formed based on Hainan University, Hainan Normal University, Hainan Medical College, and several applied undergraduate and higher vocational institutions.Hainan University has developed world-class disciplines. Hainan has introduced 49 quality domestic medical institutions, established 51 new hospitals, added 12,000 hospital beds, and made triple-A hospitals available within one hour’s drive across the province. The standardization of 1,274community-level healthcare institutions has been completed. Hainan has taken the lead in the application of 5G community-level healthcarenationwide, and it is becoming a reality that minor diseases are cured without entering the city while major diseases are cured without leaving the island. Public health prevention, control, and treatment capacity have improved, and the COVID-19 vaccination rate is among the highest in China. Wuyuanhe Stadium and other public culture and sports facilities have been put into use, and solid progress has been made in establishing the integrated tourism demonstration zone and the national sports tourism demonstration zone, thus enriching the people’s cultural life.

An extensive and tightly woven social safety net has been built.Hainan is the first in China to unify the management of basic medical insurance funds at the provincial level. Healthcare, health insurance, and medicine reforms have been promoted, and data sharing and business alignment on these three aspects havebeen strengthened across our province. Hainan has been at the forefront of the country in its adoption of all-purpose social security cards. Adynamic adjustment mechanism has been established to integrate urban and rural subsistence allowances.

The level of public safety has significantly improved. We have carried out the fight to rectify self-built houses and urban gas, as well as two campaigns to improve road traffic safety. Workplace safety has been stable and improving. There were no major workplace safety accidents or major fire accidents for 11 and 17 consecutive years respectively in Hainan. Food and drug safety has been comprehensively strengthened. The campaign against criminal gangs and organized crime has achieved significant results. The two three-year wars against drugs have been effective, and the ratio of drug addicts to the resident population has dropped significantly from 8.3 permilleto 0.68 permille, lower than the national average. Criminal cases have fallen year after year, the people’s sense of security index has jumped to 98.2 percent, and the law-and-order situation is at the best level in history.

Over the past five years, we have always strengthened political leadership. We have faithfully defended the affirmation of both General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Party Central Committee and the Party as a whole and the guiding role of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, resolutely upheld General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Party Central Committee and the Party as a whole and the Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. We have ensured that the notion the Party exercises overall leadership is implemented in all aspects of the work of our government. We have earnestly implemented the guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of major speeches, instructions, and comments on Hainan’s workdefined detailed tasks and carried out regular inspection and supervision to ensure they are accomplished. We have deepened the building of a law-based government,and the court response rate of heads of administrative organs ranks among the top in China. Hainan is the first province to integrate comprehensive and professional law enforcement officers in cities and counties in China. We have consciously accepted oversight of the Provincial People’s Congress, the CPPCC Provincial Committee, and all sectors of society. Over the past five years, we have handled 1,535 suggestions and 2,557 proposals. We have effectively improved the efficiency of government agencies,and for important work, established task forces and held regular meetings to push it forward. We have formulated a closed-loop operation system consisting of seven key elements14. We have assembled a 100-member task force to improve the business environment at a high level. We have upgraded the Haiyiban and Haizhengtong digital government platforms and the “Internet Plus Supervision” system. We have deepened the Conduct Rectification Year, the Capacity Enhancement Year, and the initiatives such as checking bottlenecks, resolving difficult problems, promoting development, and encouraging mutual learning and catching up.The government’s governance capacity has improved significantly.We have followed to the letter of the CPC central leadership’s eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct and the detailed rules for its implementation, unceasingly addressed the practice of meaningless formalities, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, and comprehensively strengthened government agencies’ efforts to improve Party conduct, ensure clean government, and combat corruption.

Over the past five years, we have guarded the southern gate of China, given full support to the reform and development of national defense and the military, and made new achievements in promoting national defense mobilization, strengthening reserve force, promoting mutual support between the civilians and the military, and providing benefits and services to service members, their families, and veterans. Fresh progress has been registered in promoting ethnic and religious affairs and the work ontrade unions, Communist Youth League organizations, women and children, people with disabilities, geology, meteorology, mapping, and the Red Cross organizations.

These achievements are not easy to come by. They are attributed to the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to the effective guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, to the full support of the central Party and government bodies and sister provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, to the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, and to the concerted efforts of people of our province. On behalf of the Provincial People’s Government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of Hainan; to deputies to the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress and members of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC; to all other political parties in China, the Hainan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, people’s organizations and people from all walks of life; to central Party and government bodies, sister provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government; to troops and armed police stationed in Hainan; and to compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, overseas Chinese nationals, and international friends who have long shown care and support for the development of Hainan.During the three years of COVID-19 prevention and control, our province’s officials and people, especially medical personnel, and grassroots workers, have made arduous efforts, and the relevant provincial-level administrative areas have given us strong support. I would especially like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people from all walks of life who have made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hainan.

While recognizing our achievements, we are also mapping out some difficulties and challenges that seem likely to lie ahead. Our weaknesses in industry, infrastructure, public services, and talent are still more prominent than ever. There has been no fundamental change in economic structure and quality. And there are still many bottlenecks and obstaclesto high-quality development. Enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, face multiple difficulties in production and operation, and the business environment needs further improvement. We need to be more creative in integrating and creating new free trade port systems and work harder to implement policies effectively. Welfareand social programs require further improvement and citizens’ satisfaction has yet to be improved. Some departments lack a sense of service while a few officials are incapable of making plans and implementing policies. Allegation such as laxity, procrastination, and buck-passing to one another still exists. And some areas are prone to corruption. We have taken a series of measures to address these problems and we mustintensify our efforts to this end in the future.

II. Overall Plan for Work in the Next Five Years

The 20thCPC National Congress worked out a grand blueprint toadvance thegreatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization.Hainan, as a paradigm of China’s reform and opening-up in the new era, will firmly shoulder the responsibility of taking the lead in pursuing the Chinese modernization. With a focus on accelerating the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and global influence, Hainan will give full play to its unique advantage as a testbed for the highest level of open policies. We will explore new ways to expand high-level institutional opening-up, create an important intersection for domestic and international circulations, build an open and eco-friendly innovative industrial system, forge a world-class business environment, write a Hainan chapter for the Beautiful China initiative featuring the harmony between human and nature, and excel in achieving common prosperity. Hainan will stride a new path to serve the overall national strategy and lead itself to high-quality development and foster a model of the Chinese modernization.

Covering both the preparation for and the launch of the final independent customs operations, the next five years serve as a critical period and an important window phase for the high-quality development of the Hainan Free Trade Port when strategic opportunities, as well as risks and challenges, are entwined with each other.The general requirements for the government workare as follows: upholding the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implementing the guidelines from the 20thCPC National Congress and the Eighth Party Congress of Hainan Province, completely and faithfully exercising the new development philosophy, firmly grasping the strategic opportunity to create a new development pattern, keeping to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, promoting high-quality development as our overarching task, advancing supply-side structural reform as our major approach, and taking reform and innovation as the basic driving force, taking it as an ultimate goal of meeting people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, coordinating development with security, fulfilling the strategic framework of “One Guideline, Three Foundations, Four Beams and Eight Pillars”,launching independent customs operations as scheduled and accelerating the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and global influence. Throughout this process, Hainan will be fully fledged as a paradigm exhibiting China’s reform and opening up in the new era, a beautiful name card of China, and a forerunner along the Chinese path to modernization.


Accelerate the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and global influence.


We will mobilize the province as a whole to prepare for independent customs operations.Great efforts will be made o complete hardware and software construction in accordance with the schedule laid down and carry out adequate stress tests to ensure the successful launch of island-wide independent customs operations and establish the operational model of the free trade port. After the island-wide implementation of independent customs operations, we will adopt the policy and institutional systems of the free trade port in all respects and continue to move toward the highest level of openness in the world.

We will significantly improve the capacity and level of institutional integration and innovation.We will strengthen the cooperation and coordination between Hainan and the central ministries and commissions, and adopt a problem-oriented approach in charting and creating an array of institutional integration and innovation cases with great influence, to play a leading role among all the pilot platforms for comprehensive reform and opening-up in China.

We will create a crucial intersection for domestic and international circulations.We will actively participate in the joint development of the Belt and Road Initiative, make good use of the multiplied strengths of the RCEP15and the free trade port policy, and explore and pilot the CPTPP16, the DEPA17, and other high-standard international economic and trade rules. With such an endeavor, we will open a gateway for both domestic enterprises to explore the foreign market and for foreign investors to access the Chinese market and better serve and integrate into the new development pattern. We will make greater efforts to advance the development of the free trade port in line with international standards, scale up the international transportation network both in the air and at sea, expand the international economic and trade cooperation network, and ensure that the import and export of goods and services will double in the next five years. We will strengthen the close cooperation with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Areaand other regions of national strategic importance.


Accelerate to build an open, eco-friendly, and innovation-driven industrial system.


We will consolidate the foundation for the real economy. We will focus on the four leading industries, and remain committed to promoting investment projects. We will improve the industrial chain, innovation chain, and industrial innovation ecology and create two industrial clusters with revenues topping 100 billion yuan respectively and 10 industrial clusters with revenues exceeding ten billion yuan respectively. The three futuristic industries, namely the Nanfan seed breeding industry, deep-sea technology, and aerospace will surpass 50 billion yuan, and the marine economy will increase to over 400 billion yuan, thus driving our GDP to cross the trillion-yuan threshold.

We will further develop the international tourism and shopping destination. We will deepen the integration of tourism, culture, sports, and healthcare, continue to attract outbound Chinese tourists back to Hainan for high-end shopping, medical care, and education, and take the China International Consumer Products Expo as an everlasting platform exhibiting the global consumption trend in a bid to elevate the profile of Hainan and raise its international competence in tourism.

We will gather global innovation factors. We will attract multinational companies to set up their regional headquarters in Hainan and boost modern service industries such as trade and finance, shipping and logistics, research and development, and design. We will integrate technology, industry, trade, and service to create a batch of new forms of trade with distinctive local features and a focus on southbound trade to boost our economic flows.

We will strengthen the supporting role of platforms. We will foster five first-class industrial parks with distinctive characteristics of the free trade port and national influence. We will promote the strategic restructuring and professional integration of state capital and state-owned enterprises. Efforts will also be intensified to nurture two “China’s Top 500” enterprises. We will encourage and support the development and growth of the private sector, cultivate nationally renowned local brands, and forge a vigorous environment where industrial parks strive to take the lead and SOEs, private businesses and foreign companies strive to pursue quality development.


Speed up to build Hainan’s strength in innovation.


We will create the bases for scientific and technological innovation and reform of the management system for science and technology. We will make full use of the national research platform to carry out original and leading scientific and technological research, introduce and cultivate a batch of new research and development institutions, plan for large-scale scientific facilities, and establish the framework of bases for innovation in the seed industry, deep-sea technology and aerospace science and technology. We will function well as a global transit base for animal and plant germplasm resources to establish a green channel for introducing these resources. We will intensify the mode of “research at Lecheng and produce in Haikou” to grow the new drug valley in Haikou. We will explore the reform of the property rights system for scientific and technological achievements and the whole-chain protection for intellectual property rights, strengthen international cooperation in science and technology, and grow into a hub for structural scientific and technological reform.

We will encourage enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship.Enterprises above state-designated scale will all engage in R&D. The total number of high-tech enterprises and SMEs will exceed 4,000 respectively. Hainan’s R&D investment will increase to more than 2 percent.

We will pool innovative talents in all areas. We will improve talent policies and services and introduce 800,000 talents of all kinds to achieve the goal of “introducing one million talents into Hainan" as scheduled when an island-wide special customs supervision regime is launched. We will make greater efforts to introduce academicians and high-end research teams, gather industrial talents who are highly educated, proficient, and specialized in cutting-edge technology, and urgently needed, and attract world-class talents and returned talents after studying abroad for innovation and business startups.

We will improve the talent training system. We will mobilize the entire province to support Hainan University in establishing world-class and competitive disciplines, and assist colleges and universities in adjusting and improving disciplinary structure to meet the development needs of the free trade port. We will step up the development of independent education projects by foreign universities. Through all these efforts, we will build Hainan into an international education and innovation island. We will develop multilevel vocational education.


Expedite the development of the “Three Poles, One Belt, and One Area”.


We will improve the quality of regional development. We will make great efforts to develop the Haikou-Chengmai-Wenchang-Ding’an Metropolitan Area into a core leading area of the free trade port, and the Greater Sanya Metropolitan Area into a scientific innovation base and an international tourism destination of the free trade port. The Danzhou-Yangpu Metropolitan Area will continue to improve the carrying capacity and services of cities around the Xinying Bay Area and make it the pilot zone for the integrated development of the port, industries, the city, and science in the free trade port. Conscientious efforts will be made to develop the Coastal Cities Belt. We will pilot coastal-type urbanization in Qionghai, Dongfang, and other coastal cities, develop Wenchang city as a whole into a space city, expand coastal cities’ and counties’ functions toward the sea, and make the Hainan Island Scenic Loop Drive into a signature attraction of its kind. We will develop the Ecological Conservation Area in Central Mountains with high standards. The eco-friendly urbanization will be piloted in Wuzhishan City to boost the coordinated development of the central and coastal areas. We will promote the synergy between the land and the sea and enhance the service capacity for resource exploitation in the South China Sea. We will carry out the urban renewal initiative and make fine touches to urban governance.

We will ensure the supply of production factors. We will improve the financial resources allocation structure and transfer payment system between the province and cities and counties. We will expand the pilot application of PPPs18and REITs19in infrastructure. The “Three Poles” mentioned above will take the lead in establishing the mechanism of collaboration, co-governance, and common gains for industrial chains and supply chains, public service facilities, and eco-environmental protection. We will expand the application of “machine-based planning” and “land supermarkets”, improve the intelligent governance system of territorial space, and refine the comprehensive evaluation of the average benefit of amu of land and the system of differentiated allocation of resource elements. We will start the construction of the start-up area of the new Hailudao Logistics Park, and create a national logistics hub for Haikou commercial and trade service and Yangpu port.

We will further improve infrastructure. We will upgrade the comprehensive multidimensional transportation network, the intelligent optical network, the new electric power system, the natural gas project of Hainan, and the green intelligent water supply network. We will plan for the integrated development of an optical network, power grid, expressway network, natural gas network, and water network all over the province with the expressway network as the mainstay. We will accelerate to establish the system of “two trunk line airports, two auxiliary line airports, and one logistics airport”20. Efforts will be made to build “intelligent Hainan” into an intelligent benchmark for global free trade ports.


Step up rural revitalization across the board.


We will consolidate and expand achievements of poverty alleviation. We will give particular emphasis torural industries with local features and provide skills training and nonagricultural employment opportunities for rural residents to create more channels for increasing rural incomes and avoid a potential return to impoverishment in large numbers.

We will stay committed to safeguarding food and natural rubber security.We will ensure that Hainan’s total area of farmland must stay above the red line, buildcontiguous farmland and gradually develop all permanent basic cropland into high-standard cropland. We will advance the coordinated development of the Nanfan Seed Breeding Sci-Tech Town in Yazhou Bay including the Sanya National Nanfan Research and Breeding Reserve and the supporting bases in Ledong’s Baokongyang and Lingshui’s Anmayang, which include Lingshui and Ledong Nanfan national research and breeding reserves. We will make the Nanfan seed breeding industry bigger based on “seed source, seed industry, seed market” to create a Nanfan seed breeding “Silicon Valley.”We will improve the comprehensive support policy for the whole natural rubber industrial chain and enhance the strategic security capacity and international competitiveness of our natural rubber.

We build up Hainan’s strength in agriculture., we will focus on developing large-scale green and standard agriculture and make it our brand name, give agriculture more technological and equipment support, develop the whole agricultural industrial chain, and do well in cultivating six kinds of trees: Coconut, Rubber, Betel nut, Dalbergia odorifer, Aloe, and Camellia oleifera, create a number of public agricultural brands, and boost the development of the national modern tropical agriculture base. We will transform the fishery industry towards on-shore and deep-sea businesses and leisure fisheries to aim for a 5:5 ratio of farming to fishing. We will fully promote industrial development in an environment-friendly way and ecological conservation on an industrial basis, carry forward intangible cultural heritage, and further upgrade rural tourism and leisure agriculture.

We will promote rural development and governance.We will coordinate the layout of rural infrastructure and public services, continue to improve the living environment in rural areas, advance the development of beautiful countryside with harmony between humans and nature, and improve the rural governance system based onpolitical awareness, rule of law, rule of virtue, self-governance, and intellectual governance.We will deepen the reform of the system of rural land requisitions, the reform of marketing rural collective land for development purposes, and the reform of rural residential land management; improve the rural credit system, and grow the new-type rural collective economy. We will deepen the market-oriented reform of agricultural reclamation andpromote the coordinated development of capitalization and integration of farmland reclamation in an orderly manner.


Accelerate ecological conservation.


We will continue to keep Hainan’s ecological environment quality the top-class in China. We will rectify all the problems identified in the central government environmental inspections and the national marine inspections. We will see that the PM 2.5 density continues to drop and the ozone density is kept below 120 micrograms per cubic meter. Throughout all these efforts, Hainan will strive to excel in eco-environmental protection and serve as an important window exhibiting to the world the achievements in implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization.

We will improve the mechanism for promoting landmark projects. Based on the advantages of the free trade port and Hainan characteristics and to meet people’s expectations, we will create a regular promotion system for the planning and launching, implementation tracking, and performance evaluations of projects. We will strive to make the six landmark projects21national examples and continue to launch new landmark projects. We will move faster to develop the national park of tropical rainforest, strengthen biodiversity protection, and reinforce forests’ function as the reservoir of water, grain, money, and carbon.

We will strive to excel in achieving carbon dioxide peaking and carbon neutrality and implementing the notion that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.We will establish zero-carbon demonstration areas such as Boao’s Dongyu Island, build theHainan International Blue Carbon Research Center and the carbon emissions trading center to a high standard, and implement demonstration projects such as the regional forestry carbon sink project and blue carbon sink project. We will improve the carbon emission statistics and accounting system and work for breakthroughs in acting on the principle that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, such as promoting the market-oriented application of GEP accounting, developing the eco-environment-oriented development (EOD) model22, eco-products exchange, and cross-basin ecological compensation mechanism. We will put more effort intohealth and medical research and planning, and develop thehealthcareindustry. We will carry out the waste-free city initiative and advance green development.

We will take the lead in integrated institutional innovation in ecological conservation. We will proceed systematically from legislation, standardization, market-oriented development, source control as well as process supervision, and carry out innovation in low-carbon supply chains, low-carbon energy, ocean carbon sinks, and environmental, social, and government (ESG) governance23.


Step up the improvement of the risk prevention and control system.


We will strengthen risk awareness. We will implement the chief risk officer system, perceive and warn of potential risks and hazards promptly, and shift from endpoint governance to source governance and process supervision.

We will improve institutions and mechanisms.We will integrate policy implementation and risk prevention and control, make good use of big data and intelligent technology, and improve the comprehensive governance system on anti-smuggling, risk prevention system for financing and taxation, and public security prevention and control system. We will develop a working mechanism featuring regular analysis and deployment by provincial leaders, coordination and collaboration between functional departments, timely sharing of work information, and collaborative handling of emergencies.

We will make a targeted response to risks and challenges. We will address risks in such traditional areas as finance, workplace safety, and social stability, and prevent and control risks in public health, ideology, and the development of the free trade port. We will safeguard national security, bio-safety, and quality safety on the frontline between Hainan and overseas while controlling risks arising from smuggling and tax evasion on the second line between Hainan and the rest of the country.


Move faster to shore up weak links in people’s well-being and social programs.


In solving difficult problems, we will adhere to the working mechanism of task forces, roll out new initiatives to keep employment and price levels stable and increase income and strive to keep the increase of price levels below the national average and the growth in personal income higher than the national average.

We will work to shore up weaknesses. We will continue to pursue equal and high-quality development, carry out programs of the greatest concern to the people such as education and health care, and ensure that these two fields reach an advanced level in China. We will improve the integrated solution to elderly care and childcare shortage by increasing the supply. We will pursue cultural-ethical progress and carry forward and develop the fine traditional culture, the revolutionary culture of the CPC, Li, and Miao ethnic culture, marine culture, and local culture as a homeland for overseas Chinese. We will protect and utilize Dongpo culture and Hai Rui’s clean government culture. We will ensure that every city and county has a multipurpose hall, cultural hall, library, archives, theater, stadium, swimming pool, and gymnasium, and upgrades these facilities. We will improve the quality and effectiveness of Chinese cultural centers in the new era.

We will endeavor to create more highlights. We will develop flagship projects with local features in such areas as Hainan student traits, average life expectancy, and government-subsidized housing.

We will strive to meet basic needs.We will strengthen emergency social assistance, build up a multi-layered and integrated social assistance system in both urban and rural areas, and ensure the basic living needs of disadvantaged people.


Accelerate the modernization of government governance capacity.


We will deepen comprehensive reform to delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services. We will expand the simplified approval system with the commitment system plus “standard land”24at the core. We will increase decentralization to cities, counties, and industrial parks, and ensure that the powers are delegated to the right parties, properly exercised, and well regulated. We will improve the new credit-based regulatory mechanism. We will advance the development of a welcoming and facilitated business environment governed by a sound legal framework and with international standards, and see that it will reach first-class domestic level. We will make good use of institutions and internet technology to enable market entities and the public to be well-relieved in applying for government affairs based on law and regulations. We will protect the property rights of private enterprises and the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, deliver real benefits to private enterprises and solve their problems, and build a cordial and clean relationship between government and business.

We will enhance specialized ability.We will develop systematic thinking with a global vision and creativity. We will adhere to multi-objective decision-making and closed-loop implementation. We will use the best of the market logic and mobilize the enthusiasm of market entities to meet the public needs of society. We will intensify the rule of law in the government to ensure that law enforcement is strict, procedure-based, impartial, and civil, and win the trust of the public and market entities with a commitment to the rule of law and integrity.

We will promote digital government across the board. We will promote cross-departmental data sharing, redesigning of procedures, and business collaboration to achieve overall intelligent governance and efficient collaboration. We will improve the “internet plus grid-based” governance platform at the community level to reduce the burden of primary-level governance and improve efficiency.

III. Our Work for 2023

This year is the first year to comprehensively implement the guiding principles of the 20thCPC National Congress, and also a critical year to prepare for the independent customs operation of the free trade port. We will implement the decisions and plans of the Central and Provincial Economic Work Conferences, both of which were held in December 2022.Ballasted with the strategic framework of “One Guideline, Three Foundations, Four Beams and Eight Pillars”, we will work toward the target of independent customs operations. To do so, we will carry out stress tests, promote integrated institutional innovation and boost market confidence; better coordinate COVID-19 response and economic and social development, ensuring both development and security; lay emphasis on stabilizing growth, employment, and price levels to constantly improve people’s sense of fulfillment; effectively prevent and defuse major risks and improve the quality and efficiency of the economy. In doing so, the development of the free trade port will be accelerated. We will work harder to compete for talent, investment, and greater reform and opening up, creating work highlights and bringing Hainan’s economy and society to a fast track of steady and high-quality development.

This year, our main objectives for economic and social development are set as follows:


GRP growth of about 9.5 percent;



Local general public budget revenue growth of about 15 percent;



Fixed asset investment growth of about 12 percent;



Increase in total retail sales of consumer goods of about 10 percent;



Urban and rural residents’ per capita disposable income growth of about 9 percent and 9.5 percent, respectively;



A surveyed urban unemployment rate of about 5.5 percent;



CPI increase of about 3 percent;



Continued improvement in the quality of the eco-environment;



Compliance with assigned targets for emission reduction andcarbon dioxide emissions intensity decline.


We will concentrate on the following 37 tasks in 9 areas of work:

1. Upgrade the economy and accelerate growth

1) Strengthen policy implementation and operational scheduling.We will work to ensure that the economy starts strong growth at a high level and increases speed and efficiency throughout the year. We will implement without compromise the national tax and fee reduction policies and measures to help enterprises alleviate their difficulties, and rapidly fully utilize local special bonds and policies for early and fruitful results. We will thoroughly implement the FTP policies and widen the coverage of the 15% cap on personal income tax ratesas well as corporate tax rates, and ensure that the three zero-tariff lists andthe policies of import tariff exemption for value-added processed products sold in China are implemented to the full extent so that the FTP policies can act as an upgrader and booster of high-quality economic development.

2) Increase effective investment. Focusing on attaining the targets defined in the Three-Year Action Plan for the New Investment Policy of the Hainan Free Trade Port (2021–2023), we will launch the Year of Industrial Investment Upgrade and the Year of Infrastructure Improvement to continuously increase industrial investment and realize growth in infrastructure investment of more than 10 percent. We will establish a mechanism for planning and promoting major projects to ensure multi-echelon optimization. We will improve the early intervention mechanism to ensure factors of production and support project construction progresses based on the “Four Ones and Two limits” policies25. We will plan and launch various PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects and the first REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) project for infrastructure.

3) Strive to attract investment.We will improve investment assessment by holding principal leaders responsible for investment attraction. By prioritizing the quality of investment and how targeted it is, we will build a “project planning + land supermarket + investment promotion” mechanism, and take a six-pronged approach, speeding up investment attraction for specialized areas, industry chains, funds, science and technology, themes, and markets. We will launch the initiative to encourage central state-owned enterprises to invest in Hainan, trying to introduce one or two international headquarters of these companies in our province. We will make greater efforts to go global and invite foreign investment, introduce foreign-invested landmark projects, and increase the paid-in foreign capital by 10 percent.

4) Boost consumer demand. Based on the recovery of tourism, we will take six actions to promote consumption26to increase the number of inbound tourists by 20 percent and tourism revenue by 25 percent and work toward offshore duty-free shopping sales exceeding 80 billion yuan. We will ensure a successful third China International Consumer Products Expo and other brand exhibitions. We will integrate the development of online and offline consumption, and integrate and upgrade many provincial-level specialized markets. We will promote sales of green home appliances with the replacement of old appliances in rural areas, and accelerate the building of commercial systems in counties. We will establish a prosperous business circle with duty-free stores as a tipping point and based on a variety of commercial forms to create a landmark project of the international tourism and shopping center.

5) Improve the business environment. We will implement the plan to catch up with and exceed the top domestic business environment in important quantitative indicators by becoming a pacesetter and innovator in business environment optimization, creating competition mechanisms, and regularly discussing and solving typical problems. We will establish a one-stop service for pressing matters concerning people’s lives and enterprises, ensuring easy access to government services throughout Hainan and across other provinces. We will increase efforts in replacing administrative approval with record filing,build a machine-based bidding system and expand “Credit plus” scenarios to more than 10 industries. We will improve the Hainan Financial Service Platform, and achieve an increase of 50 percent in loans for small and micro enterprises, and the number of enterprises that join the platform. We will enhance coherent and sustainable policies that promote enterprise development.

2. Promote greater reform and opening up in the FTP

6) Accelerate the construction of hardware and software for independent customs operation.We will develop to a high standard the infrastructure, inspection facilities, information-based supervision platforms, and anti-smuggling law enforcement stations in Second Front ports and complete the main body of the hardware project for customs operations. We will move faster to establish systematic policies and institutions for the free trade port and extensively interpret and promote them to allow more preparation time for market entities. We will formulate regulatory measures for goods and articles entering the Second Front when independent customs operations are in place and form a framework of a scientific and efficient regulatory mode and overall customs procedures for the Second Front ports. We will accelerate the study of the tax system, work out a plan for sales tax reform, and start the sales tax legislation.

7) Fully perform stress tests. We will increase liberalization efforts at the First Front, carry out all 27 stress tests of the first batch, and regularly develop the second batch of stress tests. We will build the Yangpu Stress Test Zone for independent customs operation, extend the series of policies valid in the Yangpu Bonded Port Areato the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, and extend the policy ofimport tariff exemption for value-added processing to eligible enterprises on the whole island. We will examine the effect of the stress tests by upgrading policies constantly and promoting dynamic adjustment of the zero-tariff lists and the directory of industries encouraged by the free trade port. We will study and formulate new policies such as the list of prohibited and restricted goods for import and export, and the refund of VAT and consumption tax for goods entering the island from other parts of China’s mainland.

8) Deepen institutional integration and innovation.We will explore and experiment with international high-standard economic and trade rules and promote reform and innovation in the land, low-carbon, service industry opening up, and other fields, to achieve breakthroughs in the research and international cooperation on rules, regulation, management, and standards. We will launch a new three-year action for institutional integration and innovation and strengthen research on key areas such as turning bonded processed goods into duty-free products. We will deepen reform to ensure the market-oriented allocation of land, capital, technology, data, and other factors, and break down all kinds of hidden barriers. We will launch three to five more global and influential institutional innovations.

9) Integrate into the international network of high-standard free trade zones.We will promptly resume and increase international flights, and open up more international shipping routes. We will plan and implement the Global Free Trade Port Partnership. We will give full play to the roles of the International Friendship City (IFC), the Hainan Free Trade Port-ASEAN Think Tank Network, international trade promotion agencies, and business associations in facilitating the launch of several economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange projects in Hainan. Significant progress has been made in the construction of a headquarters base for Chinese enterprises to enter the Southeast Asia market and a headquarters base for Southeast Asian enterprises to enter the Chinese market. We will deepen our cooperation with Hong Kong, striving to open up more professional services to it. We will implement the project of shaping the image of the Hainan Free Trade Port and promoting its international communication. We will organize personnel to go abroad for exchange and training. We will successfully hold the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023.

3. Fulfil the three-year action plan for technological innovation(2021-2023)

10) Build a high-capacity science and innovation platform.We will support the high-quality inclusion of the Yazhou Bay Laboratory into the platform and integrate Hainan’s innovation resources into its innovation system. We will promote the launch of theHainan Base of the Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technologyand the Hainan Quantum Base of the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale. We will work to ensure that the three technology platforms of the Nanfan seed industry, deep-sea technology, and aerospace, the International Center for Aging and Cancer, and the Hainan National Technology Transfer Center can undertake major national tasks as soon as possible. We will work to establish two more national technology innovation platforms and increase the number of projects of national science and technology plans by 10 percent.

11) Support the innovation-driven development of enterprises. We will work unswervingly both to consolidate and develop the public sector and to encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector. We will take targeted measures to boost the market and investment confidence of private enterprises. We will intensify the four major initiatives to cultivate and improve high-quality market entities27and increase the number of listed companies. We will create an enterprise-oriented science and technology innovation system, increase the number of both science and technology-based SMEs and high-tech enterprises by 500, and ensure that the proportion of industrial enterprises above a designated size with R&D activities exceeds 50 percent.

12) Deepen the reform of the management system for science and technology. We will promote the pilot reform of the ownership and long-term use of scientific and technological achievements of scientific researchers and establish an evaluation system for these achievements. We will accelerate the development of the Yazhou Bay Intellectual Property Special Zone and China (Haikou) Intellectual Property Protection Center. We will actively promote international science and technology cooperation and enable the cross-border payment of research project funds. We will launch 10 iconic scenarios for the application of science and technology achievements, and increase the turnover of technology contracts by 25 percent.

13) Achieve a major breakthrough in talent attraction and cultivation. We will lose no time in introducing talent and integrating the plan to attract talent from all corners of the globe and the South China Sea Talent Development Plan to introduce 150,000 personnel. We will increase the training and employment of local talent and ensure local and introduced personnel work together and achieve teamwork efficiently. We will deepen the reform of the incentive mechanism for grassroots professionals and technical talents in education and health. We will optimize the title evaluation standards and recognition systems for expanding the directory list of overseas professional qualifications. We will create a town of overseas returnees in Lingshui.

4. Bring industrial development to a higher level

14) Accelerate the development of the advanced manufacturing industry. We will carry out high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and strengthen chain cultivation and cluster development. We will ensure that wind power equipment, new energy vehicles, integrated circuit, navigable aircraft, and other major projects are put into operation. We will start construction on the Sino-German green high-end new material demonstration base, Polycarbonate Phase II, and other projects valuing tens of billion yuan. We will upgrade the biomedical industry and develop the whole industry chain of the yacht industry. We will strive to ensure that the growth rate of the province’s advanced manufacturing is higher than that of its GDP, the growth rate of manufacturing investment is higher than that of fixed asset investment, and the value added by large industrial enterprises increases by more than 10 percent.

15) Upgrade the modern service industry. We will accelerate the development of new forms of foreign trade including new-type offshore international trade, bonded maintenance, financial leasing, and cross-border e-commerce, and promote the development of service export bases for digital services, culture, traditional Chinese medicine, and others. We will make markets for cultural and artistic products bigger and stronger, and increase trade in both goods and services by 15 percent. We will build integrated platforms for industry and trade with production, technology, and agriculture. We will promote the innovation-driven development of the financial industry, enrich the scenarios and industrial ecology for the pilot application of the digital RMB, establish an “electronic fence” of funds, and complete the transformation of FT accounts. We will make targeted efforts to attract foreign banks and high-level domestic financial institutions to set up operations in our province and welcome public offering funds. We will improve cross-border RMB settlement services. We will strive to open the first and seventh-freedom routes. We will make the Hainan Island International Film Festival a brand name. We will move faster to make Hainan an international design island. We will adopt city-specific measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate industry in light of local conditions.

16) Cultivate marine industrieswith unique advantages.We will promote the exploration and development of marine oil and gas resources and accelerate the development of the CNOOC Lingshui 25-1 gas field, Chengmai Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Service Base, and other projects. We will promote the development of the pilot offshore wind power demonstration projects. We will encourage aquaculture on ocean farms and large workboats and build three modern marine pastures. We will promote Fengjiawan’s modern fishery factory farming mode and support coastal cities and counties in creating national fishing port economic zones, modern fishery industry parks, leisure fishery demonstration bases, and sea fishing tournament bases. We will actively develop diversified marine tourism products.

17) Expand the digital economy.We will promote the digitalization of industry and digital industrialization, develop digital trade, strive for the delegation of the power to approve domestic online games at the provincial level, and promote China’s mobile game distribution in overseas markets. We will support enterprises in implementing Cloud-Data-Intelligence28and broaden the scenario of the Smart Hainan program. We will create over five excellent cases of the industrial internet application. We will further develop comprehensive pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce. We will accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as the 5G and fiber optic broadband “double Gigabit” network and the Hainan Submarine Data Center. We will explore pilot projects for the international data center. We will develop digital entertainment, electronic information manufacturing, and information creation industries. With a focus on key areas such as blockchain and the intelligent Internet of Things, we will see that the platform economy plays a full role in high-quality development and create several innovative demonstration projects to realize a 15 percent digital economy growth.

18) Improve the quality of the industry park platform. Make sure larger parks have three or four leading industries and smaller parks focus on one or two leading industries. We will ensure that industry parks enhance their industrial differentiation and agglomeration. We will review and utilize idle and inefficiently used land and achieve full coverage of the “standard land” supply for new industrial projects. We will see that industry parks grow bigger and improve their efficiency and that key parks increase their revenue by 12 percent. Relying on a key industrial park, we will introduce several well-known research institutes at home and abroad to set up branches and attract several venture capital funds to settle in to form a venture capital fund group, ensuring that every industry park has a research institute (innovation center) and an industry development fund. We will introduce equity investment institutions and private capital to provide parks with financial assistance in attracting investment.

5. Become better able to coordinate regional development

19) Accelerate the development of “Three Poles, One Belt, and One Area”.We will ensure substantial progress in the key engineering projects of overall importance such as the third phase of the Meilan International Airport, the new Sanya airport, the Zhanjiang-Haikou High-Speed Railway, the expansion of the Sanya and Haikou sections of the G98 Hainan Island Ring Expressway, the Tourism Ring Drive of the National Park of Tropical Rainforest, the Yangpu Shugang Expressway, the expansion of the Yangpu Regional International Container Hub Port, and the third phase of the Macun Port. We will study and introduce relevant policies and measures such as industrial coordination, investment promotion coordination, and factors coordination in Haikou-Chengmai-Wenchang-Ding’an Metropolitan Area and prepare the International Tourism Destination Plan and the FTP Science and Technology Innovation Highland Plan for the Greater Sanya Metropolitan Area. We will put the rail transit city train into operation in the Haikou-Wenchang section. We will start construction on the Xinying Bay ring highway and express highway, and other smooth traffic projects. We will revise and implement the plan for building Boao Town, Qionghai. We support the building of hardware facilities and soft power of the Wenchang Commercial Space Launch Site. We support Dongfang in completing the site selection for the Dongfang Airport and the revision of the integrated plan for building the Basuo Port. We also support Wuzhishan in introducinga focused group development plan and exploring the establishment of an eco-economy. We accelerate the construction of several general-purpose airports and continue to improve the quality of the landscape along the ring road for tourism around the island.

20) Strengthen the leading role of planning. We will promote the formulation of regulations on land and spatial planning for the FTP, and complete the preparation of general land and space plans for all cities and counties. In implementing machine-based planning, we will achieve supervision throughout the planning and land chain and more than 15,000 muof land will be made available in the Land Supermarket platform. We will complete the national target of disposing of unsupplied and idle land to ensure that the disposal rate of idle land reaches 75 percent. We will ensure that no more houses are built on rural arable land without authorization and remove half of those already built.

6. Advance rural revitalization

21) Accelerate the revitalization of agriculture by industry. We will increase the investment in agriculture, increase the area of high-standard cropland by 200,000mu, reutilize 30,000mu of abandoned agricultural land, and ensure 4.07 millionmu of grain cultivation and 1.45 million tons of grain output. We will introduce excellent tropical fruit and vegetable resources from areas at the same latitude as Hainan, cultivate the whole industry chain for key agricultural products and develop intensive farm product processing. We will launch the brand “FreshHainan,” creating 15 regional public brands and 16 products meeting the standards of green food, organic agricultural products, and agricultural product geographical indications. We will expand the under-forest economy and increase its output. We will develop Five Projects of leisure fisheries29, building over 10 beautiful fishing villages. We will promote the reform of agricultural water prices, make up the shortcomings of agricultural machinery at a faster pace, improve the socialized system for agricultural service, and promote the quality and efficiency of agriculture.

22) Promote rural development. We will build 100 beautiful villages. We support Maona Village in Wuzhishan, Shicha Village in Haikou, Bo’hou Village in Sanya, Futang Village in Wanning, and Shijin Village in Baoting in becoming model villages for rural revitalization. We support the development of new farms through Hainan State Farms. We will improve drinking water safety, extend and integrate city-town-village water supply pipeline networks, and increase the proportion of the rural population served by large-scale water supply projects to 56 percent. We will upgrade rural electrification to consolidate and improve the quality of rural power grids. We will accelerate the construction of digital villages. We will upgrade rural toilets and refuse and sewage treatment facilities,and build and put into operation sewage treatment facilities in 48 towns.We will better advocate equality between men and women, diligence, sensible drinking, nonengagement in private lotteries, frugality, care for the elderly and young, and good sanitation toenhance social civility in rural areas.

23) Increase rural incomes. We will strengthen the implementation of monitoring and support mechanisms for preventing the return to poverty, and maintain the intensity of work and policies. We will better organize farmers’ migrant work and promote high-quality employment and entrepreneurship of farmers with the construction of characteristic labor service brands. We will continue to deepen the long-term mechanism of consumer assistance to farmers and speed up the building of rural e-commerce platforms so that more local specialties go viral online. We will advance the integrated pilot reform of village planning, comprehensive land improvement, and the reform of the rural land acquisition system, market transaction system of rural collective land for commercial construction, and rural homestead system to increase the flow and value of rural resources and factors of production. We will upgrade new agricultural business entities, create specialized farmers’ cooperatives and family farms with unique advantages, consolidate the results of eliminating the “empty-shell villages” phenomenon by restoring the collectiveeconomy, and work to ensure that the collective economic organizations earn more than 100,000 yuan in 2023. We will create a high-end brand of shared farms.

7. Continue to lead the country in promoting ecological conservation

24) Continue to promote landmark projects. We will improve the management structure of the National Park of Hainan Tropical Rainforest and complete the first phase of the boundary survey and marker establishment. We will lead the country in promoting new energy vehicles and prefabricated modulesand accelerating the building of the Hainan World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center. We will strengthen the supervision and governance of the plastic ban in e-commerce and port terminals. We will intensify water treatment,and eliminate black, malodorous water bodies in cities. We will strive to achieve significant results in the development of the Boao Dongyu Island Zero Carbon Emissions Demonstration Zone.

25) Improve the quality of the eco-environment.We will complete the rectification tasks defined for 2023 in the second round of the Central Environmental Protection Inspection and attain more than 90 percent of the rectification tasks set in the National Marine Inspection. We will promote five marine ecological restoration projects funded by the central government and start to comprehensively improve bays and restore their ecosystems to add 300 hectares of mangrove forests. We will eliminate individual sources of pollution and clean the air, ensuring that air quality is good or excellent for 98 percent of the year.

26) Create new institutions and mechanisms for promoting ecological conservation.We will complete the unified registration and certification of natural resources rights and achieve innovation in integrating institutions for areas such as rural homesteads. We will introduce the technical specifications for provincial-level GEP accounting and expand the application of GEP accounting results for the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. We will regularly launch seven pilot projects to provide recompense for eco-protection in the Chitian Reservoir watershed. We will ensure that the Hainan Free Trade Port Investment Fund increases investment in green areas.

27) Explore ways for progress in achieving dual carbon goals.With tropical rainforest carbon sink as the core, we will carry out carbon pool surveys and develop carbon sink products. We will ensure that the Hainan International Blue Carbon Research Center plays a full role as a platform and host the international academic conference on blue carbon and other exchange activities. We will carry out comprehensive pilot projects of carbon sink development, emissions reduction certification, and carbon trade market, and launch demonstration projects such as carbon sequestration through blue carbon sinks. We will explore the establishment of green trade demonstration bases. We will promote green and low-carbon energy to fuel transportation and livelihood through institutional innovation and advocate a green and low-carbon life.

8. Strengthen risk prevention and control

28) Ensure public health and safety. The public health and safety of the Hainan people are our priority. We respond to COVID-19 as a Class B infectious disease consistently and reliably. We will do everything possible to ensure the supply of COVID-19 drugs and become better able to cure the disease. We will remain effective and meticulous in the rural COVID-19 prevention and control network to protect health and prevent serious cases.

29) Provide better risk prevention and control. We will implement the plan to prevent and control major risks to pave the way for island-wide independent customs operations of the free trade port. We will simultaneously research, plan and promote policy formulation and risk prevention & control, accelerate relevant infrastructure construction and capacity building, and improve the capability of the social management information platform to combat smuggling based on the three lines of defense (offshore, shoreline, island).We will improve cross-departmental joint prevention and control mechanisms, and strengthen domestic and international risk prevention and control cooperation.

30) Reduce accidents and prevent major ones in the workplace. We will enforce workplace safety responsibility, ensure safety in key industries and areas, including dangerous chemicals, fire, construction, town gas, road traffic, water, and fishing vessels, and resolutely prevent and curb serious and major accidents. We will make diligent efforts to prevent and reduce disasters caused by floods, drought, and typhoons. We will start construction on the Hainan Province Emergency Supplies Reserve Center. We will promote building a food and drug traceability system to strengthen food and drug safety supervision. We will also start construction on typhoon-proof anchorage and emergency rescue facilities in the Qiongzhou Strait.

31) Improve the social governance system. Aiming for higher standards, we will endeavor to make Hainan one of the safest areas in China.We will promote the implementation of the Four-in-One integrated system30of grassroots social governance, improve and strengthen the governance system of urban and rural communities, and consolidate the grassroots grid. We will manage duplicate petitions, solve petitioning problems in key areas and resolve the backlog of petitions.We will fight criminal gangs and organized crime regularly, achieve a decisive victory in the three-year battle against telecom network fraud (2021–2023) and intensify our efforts to make the free trade port drug-free. We will protect our minors. We will let people’s organizations play their roles.We will promote ethnic unity and progress, and religious harmony.

9. Make more gratifying achievements in people’s lives

32) Improve the quality of employment. We will optimize the implementation of the policy of assisting enterprises to stabilize jobs and expand employment, and transform the surge of market entities and the influx of investment projects brought about by the dividends of the free trade port policy into more high-quality employment opportunities. We will carry out the Skill-Building Action Plan (2022–2035) to match employment supply and demand with order-based and project-based training, create 150,000 new urban jobs, and provide 100,000 person-time vocational skills training sessions. We will give more prominence to youth employment, especially the employment of college graduates. We will pursue the Hainan Recruitment Initiative for these graduates and ensure that the employment placement rate and retention rate of college graduates in Hainan reach 83 percent and 62 percent respectively.We will optimize public services for employment, build 200 employment stations, and better protect the rights and interests of workers in new job forms.

33) Keep prices stable. We must improve the supply and price stability mechanism for commodities important in people’s lives and ensure food and vegetable security. We will keep more than 150,000muof land sown with vegetables throughout the year, reduce the average prices of the 15 + N kinds of basic vegetables and keep them from rebounding. We will continue to maintain the CPI within the lower range across the country.

34) Promote more equitable and higher-quality education.We will upgrade basic education, increase degrees and promote education groups. We will establish, renovate, and expand 30 public kindergartens, create 40,000 more basic education places, and build 100 town and township boarding schools. We will improve the structure of the teaching force by introducing talents and providing training programs, increasing the proportion of full-time teachers in compulsory education with a bachelor’s degree or higher by 3 percent. We will bring in two or three foreign universities of science, technology, agriculture, and medicine to provide independent or cooperative education programs. We will support international student training at the graduate level in the Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone. We will improve the higher education pattern based on the leading position of Hainan University, better support for Hainan Normal University and Hainan Medical College, and the development of several applied undergraduate and higher vocational institutions. We will move faster to carry out digital education. We will launch the Three-Year Action Plan to Upgrade the Internet Plus Education Strategy (2023–2025). We will continue to support and regulate the development of private education.

35) Improve health in Hainan. We will promote the Healthy Hainan Action Plan and the Life Expectancy Improvement Action Plan to ensure that our province's life expectancy reaches 80 years. We will start construction on the first phase of the Hainan Geriatric Medical Center, the second phase of the Boao Research Hospital, the Provincial Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, and other projects. We will complete the Hainan Public Health Center and the Hainan Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. We will accelerate construction on the three national regional medical centers31and launch the global total health Hainan demonstration project.We will promote the expansion and delegation of high-quality medical resources, and realize the integration and normal operation of urban medical groups and county medical communities. We will plan the improvement of the hardware and software and standardization system of our province’s village clinics to shore up the areas of weakness in grassroots healthcare. We will promote the “2+3” health service packages32throughout our province. We will ensure traditional Chinese medicine is kept alive, improved, and developed and establish the Li and Miao Medicine Experience Zone.

36) Develop culture and sports. We will start construction on the Hainan Provincial Art Center and complete and put into operation the Hainan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center and the Haikou Bay Performance Stage. We will launch cultural projectsdesigned to benefit the people, and support popular activities which raise people’s cultural-ethical standards. We will work to get the Hainan Tropical Rainforest and the Traditional Settlement of Li Ethnic Group listed as World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites. We will make Li brocade, Hainan Opera, huanghuali (fragrant rosewood),agarwood, and boat house our cultural intellectual property. We will hold first China (Hainan) Dongpo Cultural Tourism Conference and the Seventh Hainan Traditional Sports Meeting of Ethnic Groups. We will strengthen Qiongzhong women’s and youth football competition and Wanning’s surf industry.

37) Improve social security.We will establish China’s first provincial multilevel medical aid demonstration area. We will launch a personal pension pilot in Haikou. We will improve the mechanism for dynamic adjustment of the subsistence allowance standards, strengthen the efforts to help people in extreme poverty, and cover the basic living bottom line of the people in difficulty. Staying demand-oriented and people-oriented, we will improve the policy system of government-subsidized housing management and make available 50,000 government-subsidized apartments and 12,000 subsidized rental apartments and public rental apartments. We will start rebuilding 410 old urban residential quarters, benefiting 38,000 households. We will improve the elderly and childcare system, develop inclusive elderly care, and ensure that our province’s number of care places reaches 3.3 per thousand people. We will continue to protect the lawful rights and interests of women, children, persons with disabilities, and other groups, and improve the level of service guarantee for veterans. We will perform the fifth economic census. This year, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have identified 10 practical matters for the people33, and we must deliver all those items and never disappoint people’s expectations.

Fellow Deputies, to accomplish our new missions in the new journey, we must strengthen our government.

We have to create a well-functioning government. We must uphold the overall leadership of the CPC. We must take concrete action to faithfully defend the affirmation of both General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Party Central Committee and the Party as a whole and the guiding role of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, resolutely upheld General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Party Central Committee and the Party as a whole, and resolutely upheld the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. We must implement the major instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, and take the initiative to think, plan and act based on the overall situation. This year the provincial government will accomplish 10 significant creative tasks while every city and county government and department will attain five such tasks to achieve a range of landmark results to demonstrate loyalty to the CPC.

We have to create an effective government.With a focus on strengthening our planning capacity, credibility, and administrative capacity andpromoting digital government, we will strengthen the effectiveness of government in the new era. In each job we do, we must implement the “seven-factor” list of closed-loop management and enhance the effectiveness of government work to accelerate development.

We have to build a service-oriented government. Keeping in mind that our government is the people’s government, we will think from people’s perspective, respond to people’s concerns, and make use of all of our energy to ensure Hainan people live better lives. We will establish the overall concept of government, and accelerate the standardization and facilitation of government services to better meet the needs of enterprises and individuals.

We have to create a law-based government.In improving the rule of law in Hainan, we will implement “one plan and two roadmaps”: therule of Law Development Plan of Hainan Province (2021–2025), the Law-Based Government Development Plan of Hainan Province (2021–2025), and the Law-Based Society Development Plan of Hainan Province (2021–2025).We will deepen the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system, strengthen the effective coordination between law enforcement and justice, and ensure that the heads of government organs appear in court for lawsuits whenever necessary. We will strictly implement the resolutions and decisions of the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, support the Hainan Provincial CPPCC Committee in performing their duties, conscientiously handle the proposals of the deputies to the Provincial People’s Congress and of the Provincial CPPCC Committee, conscientiously accept oversight from all sides, and strengthen auditing and statistical oversight.

We have to build a clean government. We will strictly deepen the full and strict self-governance of the Party in government agencies and fight corruption in the field of public works construction. In the effort to control costs and invest in important projects to meet the pressing needs to improve people’s lives, the provincial government will deepen the financial budget management reform, as well as take austerity measures to curtail government spending for non-essentialand non-obligatory projectsby an average of 5 percent.

Fellow Deputies, we must aim big and high with the correct path in the new era. Let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at its core, forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude, accelerate the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and global influence, and make Hainan’s contribution to the Chinese path to modernization under the strong leadership of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee.

1Economic growth, fiscal revenue, investment, consumption, and other indicators failed to meet expectations: GDP is expected to increase by 0.2 percent, local general public budget revenue down by 2.9 percent over 2021, fixed asset investment up by -4.2 percent, and total retail sales of consumer goods up by -9.2 percent.

2Three zero-tariff lists: The positive zero-tariff list for raw and auxiliary materials, the positive zero-tariff list for vehicles and yachts, and the negative zero-tariff list for self-use production equipment.

3AEO: China Customs carries out mutual recognition of AEOs with the customs administrations of other countries or territories in accordance with the law and grants corresponding benefits to mutually recognized AEOs.

4Three zones and one center: A pilot zone for deepening comprehensive reform and opening up, a national pilot zone for ecological conservation, an international tourism and consumption center, and a service and supporting zone for major national strategies.

5Strategic Framework of “One Guideline, Three Foundations, Four Beams and Eight Pillars”: With the one guideline of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches and instructions on the work of Hainan as the fundamental guidance; three foundations of the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Hainan in Comprehensively Deepening Reform and Opening-Up, the Master Plan for the Development of Hainan Free Trade Port and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Hainan Free Trade Port as the institutional cornerstones; four beams of building Hainan into a pilot zone for deepening comprehensive reform and opening-up, a national pilot zone for ecological conservation, an international tourism and consumption center, and a service and supporting zone for major national strategies as objectives; and eight pillars of the policy environment, legal environment, business environment, ecological environment, economic development system, social governance system, risk prevention and control system and organizational and leadership system as solid support.

6Liberalization and Facilitation in Five Fields, and the Safe and Orderly Flow of Data: Liberalization and facilitation in trade, investment, cross-border capital flow, the flow of people, and transportation, as well as the safe and orderly flow of data.

715% cap on both personal and corporate income tax: For high-caliber and urgently needed talents working in the Hainan Free Trade Port, individual income tax over 15% of their actual tax burden will be waived; companies of encouraged industries that are registered and operate substantively in the Hainan Free Trade Port are entitled to a reduced corporate income tax rate of 15%.

8The four leading industries: Tourism, modern service industry, high-tech industry, and efficient tropical agriculture.

9National science and innovation platforms (1+2+5): Yazhou Bay National Laboratory (1); the Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology Hainan Base, and the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale Hainan Quantum Base (2); and the National Center of Technology Innovation for Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice, the Deep Sea Technology Innovation Center, the Space Technology Innovation Center, the International Center for Aging and Cancer (ICAC), and the Hainan National Technology Transfer Center (5).

10Three Poles, One Belt, and One Area: “Three Poles” refers to developing the Haikou-Chengmai-Wenchang-Ding’an Metropolitan Area, the Greater Sanya Metropolitan Area, and the Danzhou-Yangpu Area. “One Belt” refers to advancing the development of the coastal city belt. “One Area” refers to building up an ecological conservation area in the central mountains, with the National Park of Hainan Tropical Rainforest as a key area.

11Three districts and three lines: “Three districts” refers to delineating urban space, agricultural space, and ecological space. “Three lines” refers to designating permanent basic cropland, drawing red lines for eco-environmental protection, and delineating boundaries for urban development.

12Two schools and one kindergarten in every city (county): Establish and effectively run at least one high-quality provincial secondary school, primary school, and kindergarten for every city (county).

13Higher education layout (1+2+X): Hainan University (1), Hainan Normal University and Hainan Medical College (2), and a number of applied undergraduate and higher vocational institutions (X).

14Seven key elements of a closed-loop operation system: A closed-loop operation system consisting of the seven key elements of goals, platforms, projects, policies, reforms, institutions and mechanisms, and oversight and assessment.

15RCEP: The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), proposed by ASEAN in 2012, is a free trade agreement (FTA) between the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and its five FTA partners (Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea).

16CPTPP: Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a free trade agreement signed by 11 countries—Japan, Canada, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Peru.

17DEPA: Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, a digital trade agreement signed by Singapore, Chile, and New Zealand to strengthen digital trade cooperation among member countries and establish related norms.

18PPPs: The public-private partnership, encourages private enterprises and private capital to cooperate with the government by participating in public infrastructure development.

19REITs: Real estate investment trusts, a kind of trust fund that pools the capital of a specific majority of investors by issuing income certificates, and is managed by a specialized investment institution for real estate investment, operation, and management and distributes the comprehensive income of the investment to the investors proportionally.

20The system of the two trunk line airports, two auxiliary line airports, and one logistics airport: The two trunk line airports of Haikou Meilan and Sanya Phoenix, the two auxiliary line airports of Danzhou and Boao Forum for Asia, and the Dongfang Airport which develops warehousing logistics and integrated cargo terminals.

21Six landmark projects: The National Park of Tropical Rainforest; clean energy island and clean energy vehicles; plastic ban; prefabricated modules; sewage treatment, water supply, drainage system, flood prevention, water conservation, and seawater protection; and the Boao Dongyu Island Zero Carbon Emission Demonstration Zone.

22EOD: Eco-environment-Oriented Development.

23ESG: Environment, Social and Governance.

24Standard land: State-owned land for construction purposes that are offered for sale after completing the assessment of the relevant area of the construction project and specifying the control indexes of investment intensity, annual output value and annual tax revenue, and other performance commitments of the construction project.

25“Four Ones and Two Limits” policies: Namely “one project, one leader, one plan, one task force; limits of time in completing the project and solving problems”. Holding a leader responsible for each project, establishing a task force for implementing each plan, and requiring projects to be completed and problems to be solved within a prescribed timeframe.

26Six Actions to Promote Consumption: Build core urban business districts; improve the quality of consumer scenarios; build county business systems; expand exhibition consumption; speed up digital consumption; and increase green consumption.

27The Four Major Initiatives to cultivate and improve high-quality market entities: the Top Company Initiative for cultivating listed companies, the Elite Initiative for high-tech enterprises, the Eyas Initiative for technologically advanced SMEs, and the Growth Initiative for helping enterprises grow to a designated size.

28Cloud-Data-Intelligence: The “cloud” emphasizes implementing the inclusive cloud services support policy, the “data” emphasizes deepening the integration of big data applications, and the “intelligence” emphasizes carrying out intelligent transformation.

29Five Projects of leisure fisheries: to build several high-quality leisure fisheries demonstration bases, create sea fishing tournament bases, cultivate fishing towns and villages, organize high-quality leisure fisheries events and festivals, and construct leisure fisheries ships.

30Four-in-One integrated system: A new integrated system of social management information platform, center for institutions and governance, grid-based service management, and multiple channels for dispute resolution.

31Three national-level regional medical centers: The Hainan Hospital of Ruijin Hospital affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, the Sanya Branch of the Peking University Stomatology Hospital, and the Hainan Hospital of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.

32“2+3” health service packages: Health management for patients with hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and severe mental disorders.

3310 Practical Matters for the People: 1. A circle of 15-minute medical treatment and first-aid; 2. a universal training program for emergency rescue knowledge; 3. the pilot of cognitive rehabilitation digital therapy for the elderly; 4. the safety and life protection project for village roads; 5. the HPV vaccination for women at the proper age; 6. legal assistance for minors; 7. community rehabilitation services for mental disorders and free basic drugs for outpatient treatment of patients with severe mental disorders; 8. an interest subsidy of the small loans for farmers; 9. the renovation of illumination at high school classrooms; 10. the air-conditioning install of public primary and secondary schools in the province.

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