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Hainanese and their communities worldwide.The World Federation of Hainanese Associations (HNWF) is a global organization uniting members of thething is to get the message out,” said Raymond Lee, the president of Hong Kong Federation of Hainan

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-12-05

waves of Hainanese people emigrating south brought Hainan ChickenIncreasingly, Hainanese cuisine conveys to the world the Hainanese perspective on and love for life andHainan food.

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-10-27

the airport service No. 0898-966114 launched the Hainan-speaking agent service,(Hainan Daily reporter Deng Haining, correspondent Zhou Ya)communication ability to form a "Hainanese seat" call team through traffic tests and scenario-based

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-07-07

They have launched two sets of themed books on Hainan's "extraordinary decade", titled "Majestic NewEra: Hainan's Answer Book" and "Salute to the Strivers" series of non-fiction books, curated and publishedby Hainan Press.

海南省人民政府网英文版 2022-10-20

(Hainan Daily reporter Cao Mazhi, correspondent Yang Xiaofeng, Wu Hao and Yang Gang)

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-08-07

This year's film festival saw the screening of a handful of Hainan-produced films, including 椰林深处 (Womenof Zheng Wentai, an outstanding figure in the Chinese overseas Chinese community who helped restore Hainan'sof film enterprises, leading to even more international exposure for Hainanese cinema as it is elevated

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-12-25

a surprisingly large number of Hainanese officials wereBoth in Haikou, Hainan's best-known Tang Dynasty tombs are the tombs of Wu Xianxiu and his wife, andmade of coral reefs that are widely distributed throughout Hainan's coastal waters (obviously, now that

海南省人民政府网英文版 2023-05-31

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As Hainan's 2024 "Two Sessions" get underway, HIMC is launching the special video series "Calling AllAgatha added that Hainan's natural environment is already a big draw for foreign nationals and hopesco-constructors of the FTP in their respective fields, as well as promoters, witnesses, and beneficiaries of Hainan's

海南省人民政府网英文版 2024-01-24

the press conference of "Hainan Assured Payment" and Hainan's six themeHainan tourism."inbound tourism products was held in Haikou, officially releasing Hainan's six theme inbound tourism

海南省人民政府网英文版 2024-03-23